I moved to Florida in 1960 and that is my unofficial definition of historic when talking about restaurants.  There have been many great restaurants in the Sunshine State that are gone forever.  One of them was Kapok Tree in Clearwater.  I miss them, but life goes on.

Here are 5 Florida restaurants that have been around long enough for me to consider them historic.  I'll cover more historic restaurants in the future.

ALABAMA JACK'S, Homestead.  This place on Card Sound Road has been serving Southern fried food since the 1950s or early 1960s. (click on photo for more)

CABBAGE KEY, Pineland.  On an island off Pine Island, this quaint old place has been open since 1944.  Jimmy Buffet says he did not write his cheeseburger song about this restaurant in paradise, but we don't care, we like it anyway. (click on photo for more)

CAP'S PLACE,  Lighthouse Point.  Opened in 1928 and has had many famous visitors like Al Capone, movie stars, and politicians.  On the National Register of Historic Places. (click on photo for more)

SNACK JACK, Flagler Beach.  This restaurant overlooking the Atlantic Ocean has been operating since 1947.  It was renamed by new owners a couple of years ago who call it High Tides at Snack Jack.  I don't know why. (click on photo for more)

THE YEARLING, Cross Creek.  This restaurant is near the home of writer Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings.  It serves many Florida cracker dishes mentioned in her writings.  It opened its doors in 1952. (click on photo for more)

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