Florida heritage tourism is one of the most rapidly growing sectors of the Florida travel industry.  Both residents and tourists are showing renewed interest in visiting and learning about the state's historical sites and archaeological resources.

A recent study stated that more than $ 4 billion in revenue is generated each year by historic preservation in Florida.  This is money that comes from admissions to museums, historic villages and renovated downtowns, archaeological sites and other venues devoted to Florida's history and heritage.

Visitors to these sites need information about the sites themselves as well as lodging and dining opportunities near the site.  A small amount of this information is provided by this website, Florida Backroads Travel.

There is an opportunity to create other websites that cater to this need and develop information related to the thousands of historic sites and resources in Florida.

Accordingly, these domains are for sale:        $ 699.            $ 399.                 $ 299.

Please call Mike Miller at 239-248-0051 for more information.

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Most of the information in our website has been published in a series of Amazon Kindle books for each of Florida's eight geographical regions.

Florida Backroads Travel, a separate Kindle book, covers all of the regions of the state in one volume.

All books can be read on a computer, tablet, Kindle and most smart phones.

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