Florida Sea Life Aquarium, Dania Beach, Florida

by Peter Karsner

Sea Life Aquarium Dania Beach

Sea Life Aquarium Dania Beach

Hello Mike,

Here is an exhibit that was located on Dania Beach during the early 50's. It was developed by Ed Noyes and his twin sons Eddie and Charlie.

I helped in the early stages by diving with the twins off Dania and Hollywood to catch the specimens and occasionally wrestling a gator when the Indians didn't show up for the show.

I don't know how long the exhibit remained opened as I left to join Ross Allen in Silver Springs.


Peter Karsner

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Feb 23, 2017
My error
by: Anonymous

Peter R.
You are right. Why I wrote Charlie and Eddie should be filed under 'old age'.

Johnnie and Charlie were the twins and their dad was Ed.

Feb 20, 2017
Twins JOHN and Charlie Noyes
by: Peter R

The mid-1950s diving Noyes twins I went to FTL high school with were John and Charlie. I never heard John be referred to as "Ed".

Peter R.

Jan 20, 2013
Long Lost Aquarium Found! by: Anonymous
by: Peter Karsner

In answer to your question Anonymous, the family lived in Ft Lauderdale. As for the structure you mention and Sea Lion story, I have no information.

Jan 19, 2013
Long Lost Aquarium Found!
by: Anonymous

Dear Peter:

In 1977 while I was working for Sea World in Orlando a friend of mine, Vic Aderholt (a former Ocean World employee) took me to an abandoned oceanarium across from Dania Beach that was supposedly called 'Marine Life'. It closed sometime in the early sixties. It was a poured concrete structure with a circular tank 70 feet in diameter with portholes and a grandstand overlooking another tank. There was a canal behind it that was connected to the Intracoastal Waterway. Rumor has it when they closed they released their sea lions in the canal and that gave rise to 'sea monster' reports up and down the east coast of Florida. Was Ed Noyes related to John Noyes of Ft. Lauderdale? We (Sea World) bought reef fish from him.

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