Florida's Coral Castle: An Engineering Enigma

by Greg May
(Orlando, Florida)

Coral Castle Miami Florida

Coral Castle Miami Florida

There has been much recent speculation about how certain ancient monuments - including The Great Pyramids - were constructed.

How were boulders weighing many tons moved and set in place without the use of modern equipment? In Peru there is an Incan temple - called Ollantaytambo - on top of a mountain constructed of boulders weighing 100 tons. How were these great stones moved up such a steep slope?

In recent times several authors such as Erich van Daniken share the belief that extraterrestrials may have visited Earth in ancient times and their technology allowed these wonders to be built.

In 1919 a Latvian amateur sculptor with a fourth-grade education moved to Florida with tuberculosis and a broken heart. Edward Leedskalnin was engaged to Agnes Scuff but she broke off the engagement.

Leedskalnin settled in Florida City and proclaimed he knew the secrets of how the Great Pyramids of Egypt were built. So Leedskalnin set about building a stone complex comprising numerous megalithic stones - all of them bigger than any used in The Great Pyramids.

One of the stones in Coral Castle weighs thirty tons; there is a 22-ton obelisk, a nine-ton iron gate and a three-ton coral rocking chair.

Leedskalnin worked in secrecy and only at night. In 1936 he moved Coral Castle to Homestead which meant having to use a truck to transport the many-ton stones to their new home ten miles to the north. Leedskalnin hired a flatbed truck and when preparing to place the twenty-ton obelisk on the truck, he asked the truck driver to leave him alone. The driver heard a tremendous crash and, fearing the worst, ran back to his truck only to find the twenty-ton obelisk on the back and ready for transport! When they arrived in
Homestead, the truck driver was asked to leave the flatbed overnight. When he returned in the morning the obelisk was already in position!

Leedskalnin used no heavy equipment or machinery at any time during the construction of Coral Castle. It is said that some teenagers sneaked into the complex one night to silently observe him and claim they saw the stones floating through the air as if they were helium balloons!

How did he do it? Leedskalnin stated that all matter consisted of individual magnets and it's the movement of these magnets within materials and through space that created magnetism and electricity. Leedskalnin claims he understood and applied magnets in ways no one else could.

These claims attracted the attention of the United States government who paid him a visit hoping he would explain how he accomplished his Herculean construction feat but he refused to divulge his secret. In 1952 he died from stomach cancer and his secret died with him.

Although Coral Castle was constructed in the twentieth
century it shares the same company as the ancient monuments that baffle us today. When Hurricane Andrew tore through Homestead it leveled everything except Coral Castle. The stones of Coral Castle were simply placed on top of each other and were not fastened with mortar, being fitted so precisely no light passes through the joints.

Florida has many wondrous attractions but the construction of Coral Castle defies explanation!
Coral Castle is located at 28655 South Dixie Highway, Miami, Florida 33033. (305) 248-6345

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