Loop Road Childhood

by Hollye Priest
(Geneva, FL)

I used to live on loop road when I was a kid in the Everglades in 1977.

When I was about 6 or 7 we lived on the loop road in an old hunting camp. (I am now 41).. I went to school 40 miles away with the Miccosukee Indians.

I remember The Gator Hook, my mother used to sing there. I remember Ervin Rouse (who wrote the Orange Blossom Special), he used to kiss my hand when he saw me. I remember Pinecrest Bar. I have pictures that are so funny.

You can look at me now and never believe I was the barefooted cute little dirty looking girl in the pics. We played at an old abandoned place it was so weird with an old cash register and bar in it. It was right down the street from our house.

We would swim at the gator landing, where the airboats put in at. Wow would never do that now. There were these naked Indians right when you would go on the loop. They even had teepees. My brothers and I would always look for them when we went by because it was so freaky.

Lots of gator hunting, fishing, frog leggin, airboat riding and bare feet. :)

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May 11, 2016
by: Anonymous

Did anyone know Jack Gove? He was in Pinecrest when I had a hunting camp out there.

Sep 22, 2014
Don't remember any TeePees
by: Brad Kelly

Never saw the Teepees. The Indians all lived in Chickees. Teepees aren't practical in Florida.

Lots of naked folks skinny dipping or just out for a walk. During the 70s Hippy chicks were the wild ones.

Would love to know what old building you were talking about, it sounds really cool.

My time down there was the late 50s thru the late 70s. I still go back a few times a year to fish or just sit and watch. Keep those memories, they are rare and special.

Sep 07, 2014
Loop Road Memories
by: Tammy James Hesler

Hollye, we lived on Loop Road at the exact same time We also would spend lots of time in the Pinecrest and Gatorhook. My mother sang there as well.

I would love to hook up with you maybe through Facebook. I have some pictures of Ervin Rouse and the Pinecrest on my page you may enjoy seeing

Sep 07, 2014
Loop Road Memories
by: Tammy James Hesler

I also lived on loop road in the late 70's.We lived on Jim Dale Rd. We also would frequent the Pinecrest and Gatorhook.

When I read this post it was like going back in time. My mother also would get up and play and sing with Ervin Rouse. He was a very sweet person.

We went to school in Everglades City and had quite a long bus drive with Mr.Larry everyday. Great place to grow up lots of wonderful memories of living way out in the boondocks with lots of awesome people

Jul 30, 2014
Unforgettable memory
by: Phil M.

July 1967,I was 16(just got my Driver license) driving a 62' falcon and headed for the Glades for 1st time with Dave & Hugh early Sat. AM.

Found the turn off to the loop not knowing where the hell we were going but thrilled beyond words the further in we went.The trail narrowed creating a sort of tunnel.The water passages were filled with gar, crystal clear water, huge bromeliads.

The Miccosukee lived along the trail the 1st several miles in huts with canoes alongside.Very cool then. Caught a Fl. King snake and saw several pigmy rattlers.

About 5 miles past Pinecrest a wild cold front threatened to strand us in nowhere land! Drove that poor falcon hard to get back to civilization.

I still think of that 1st trip. Returned in 2013. Stopped and ate lunch by a culvert. Always will love the loop.

Check Nat.Geographic Aug.1976....Phil

Oct 08, 2012
A Wonderful Life!
by: Carol

I'm a former Miamian and love the Everglades. There are so many places tourists never see.

Your childhood sounds like a beautiful step back in time. It would be fantastic if you shared some of those pictures here!

Thanks for your story.

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