Naturally Twisted: A Wild Look At The Wild

by Mark Renz
(Lehigh Acres, FL)

I can't review my own books but did want to suggest you include my most recent work, if not others as well. I have been a Florida author since 1999 (University Press of Florida - "Fossiling In Florida"), plus a number of other books.

I moved here via conception in 1955, on April Fool's Day nonetheless. My current project is a trilogy called, "Naturally Twisted," with a different subtitle for each book. The first two were published a few months ago and the third one is due in December of this year. Although UPF published my first book and accepted my second ("MEGALODON: Hunting the Hunter"), I have used (my own company) for the remainder of my books. Yes, I am aware that makes me a vanity author, although I would argue that I am not the world's only vain writer. In self-publishing, I always include forewords by scientists in my field or well-known reviewers.

"Naturally Twisted" is Florida wilderness photography linked to poetry and prose. Some of it is Far Side-esque silliness while other parts are serious in eco-subject matter.

For a complete listing of my works, see

Best regards,

Mark Renz, Author

NOTE: Sarasota-Herald Tribune reporter Billy Cox writes in my new book's foreword, "Mark Renz's gift is helping us to see Florida for the first time, as if it were conceived in the realms of fantasy, intimacy, mysticism and exhilaration." Fort Myers News-Press environmental/science writer (just retired) Kevin Lollar writes, "I've known Mark for more than 20 years and have interviewed him many times. One thing is for sure: He knows his way around the paleo-world as well as any professor in paleontology. With Naturally Twisted, it's obvious that his eye for photography matches his eye for old bones."

And in my second "Naturally Twisted" book's foreword, naturalist and Emeritus Professor of Ecology and Evolution Thomas L. Poulson writes, "Mark has an exceptional eye to recognize and capture intriguing wildlife antics that sometimes border on fantasy. He also includes very different and engaging kinds of prose with each image. A recurring theme with his landscapes is to encourage us to enjoy, be inspired by, and respect nature. In these things, Mark excels."

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