Walt Disney World Florida River County Adventure

by Julie Brown
(Orange Park, Florida)


In 1978 I was seventeen years old and was dating a lifeguard who worked at the Polynesian Resort in Disney World.

One night he talked me into sneaking into River Country after it closed. We waited until midnight and snuck into the park which was built to resemble a small old fashioned watering hole.

It was a lovely evening in early June with a balmy breeze that carried the easy sounds of crickets and frogs singing out their night calls, as well as the sounds of water rushing down the park's two water flumes. The smallest of the two water flumes was about 165 feet long and the biggest one was about 265 feet in length. There was also a White water raft ride as well. We had the best time!

There was no one there so we took off all our clothes and rode all the rides naked! It was a rush to say the least! It was one of my favorite all time nights!

We were putting our clothes back on behind a man made cave that hid the service entrance for the maintenance crew when we suddenly heard what sounded like 100 snakes hissing simultaneously.

If we could have jumped out of our skins, we would have.

We then realized it was the park's sprinkler systems turning on and then we heard the night crew and saw some of them coming towards us! They had not seen us because we were hidden behind the cave. It was about 2 am, so we slipped out the back way along the beach and got away squeaky clean!

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Jul 01, 2013
I Remember River Country
by: Greg May

Ha Ha! That was a funny story - the things we did when we were young! I remember taking friends out to River Country on those warm summer nights and riding the choo-choo train back through the woods then walking fown the dirt path to the water slides. My cousin Sandy from Kentucky nearly drowned there one night - I didn't know she couldn't swim!

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