Yogi Bear Camp Ground

by Kelly Vineyard
(Pinson, AL US)

I lived in Fernandina Beach as a child. All of my father's relatives lived in Louisiana and they would come to visit. Every year we brought our tag alongs and pulled into the campground. During the day we would go the sites, Marineland, Cypress Gardens, I even saw Disney World under glass when it was just in the planning stages. But my favorite place was the campground.

As the sun would go down, Yogi Bear would come to each campsite, swinging a pic a nic basket full of candy and pick up the kids to go see a movie. Yogi had a parade of children behind him. We would all follow Yogi to an area set up near the playground for a free Yogi Bear cartoon. One night when Yogi was parading; gathering the children, he was passing out candy. He gave me a piece and a little while latter he gave me a second piece.

The Children all fussed, "you already gave her one!"

Yogi looked at me and said, "smarter than the average bear". Everyone one laughed and I felt so special.

Thank you Yogi.


Thanks for the memories, but I'd like to point out that if you are talking about the campground in the Orlando area, it is still operating. Since this is a webpage about "lost" tourist attractions, could you clarify which campground you are referring to?

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