2013 -Big Cypress Loop Road Florida

Not as remote as depicted here.

Basically the whole road is now paved and sees quite a bit of human traffic in way of tourists. So, a little disappointing on that score, but, on the plus side we did see quite a few gators and birds. Certainly an interesting drive and worth a few hours if you are down that way.


Peter, are you sure you are talking about Big Cypress Loop Road? I was there less than a year ago and only the eastern 7 miles was paved, as it has been for years. The western 11 or so miles was dirt and very tough for most cars to make the trip, especially during wet weather.

Thanks for the great pictures!


I have corrected the original entry on the Loop Road because you and others have pointed out to me that the western 18 miles or so are now surfaced with gravel and much easier to negotiate in a car than it used to be.

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Mar 04, 2014
2013-Big Cypress Loop Road
by: Anonymous

It is only paved for the first 8 miles

Nov 29, 2013
Recent Loop Road Trip
by: John O

We did the drive recently (Nov '13) with friends starting at Monroe Station and it was easy but you naturally take your time and stop frequently to see the wildlife. Plenty of critters and flowing water in the swamp but the road was dry. Call it what you want, the western 18 miles are packed gravel. In very rainy season it's probably a more tricky drive. After a couple hours the girls were hinting about the need to "make a stop". Where was that going to happen? And suddenly off the road on our left was a ramshackle place with a neon OPEN sign and another that said Cold Beer. We had to stop! And there was Lucky Cole and Maureen. He's a hoot and she's a sweetheart. It was worth the trip just to spend an hour and a half with them. Don't miss the chance. Just do it!

Aug 10, 2013
confirming location
by: P

The loop road starts at GPS 25.762291,-80.827231 (Loop road junction with Tamiami trail (US 41/90) at east end) through to GPS 25.863819,-81.100645 where it re-joins Tamiami trail at west end. Is this correct ?

We ran it in January this year. It was a made road all the way and you could drive a normal car or RV or whatever down no problem. May have been heavily compressed gravel at one point but certainly not a dirt road.


Thanks for the information. I confirmed this with Lucky Cole who lives on Big Cypress Loop Road. I'm going to go back and correct my original entry of a couple of years ago.

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