Albin Polasek Museum

by David Payne
(Goldenrod, Jacksonville, and south of Groveland)

My dad, William Krusen, would often spend Saturdays with Albin Polasek, assisting him with his work. Dad was a sculptor as well, a graduate of the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, and the sculptor whose New Deal Art bas relief "Agriculture" is hanging in the post office in Clyde, Ohio.

We have a copy of the book about Albin Polasek, Carving His Own Destiny. I was only a teenager at the time, and have only the memory of Dad's memories of his time with Albin Polasek after he died. It was apparently a strong friendship, and Dad was invaluable in assisting Polasek, who at the end could mostly only envision his artwork.

The museum is actually Albin Polasek's home, with a large lawn extending down to the lakefront. It is well worth a visit.

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