1. Your first and last name. Not Provided

2. Your ancestor's first and last name. Charles Theodor Albrecht

3. Where did your ancestor come from? Germany

4. What year did your ancestor come to Florida. 1910

5. Where did they settle? Homestead

6. Tell us what else you know about your ancestor.

Charles Theodor Albrecht emigrated from Germany in November 1881 and settled in Minnesota where he lived for many years. He then retired about 1910 to Homestead, Florida with his wife Marie and two sons: Alfred and Charles John.

The Albrechts became orange and grapefruit growers. On an early postcard, their fruit farm is identified as C. T. Albrecht & Sons, Redland, Florida.

Marie died in about 1923 and Charles died in December 1932. The son Charles may never have married. The son Alfred married a woman with the maiden name of Bernecker.

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