1. Your first and last name. Elizabeth Allen Sacco

2. Your ancestor's first and last name. Lorenzo Dow Allen

3. Where did your ancestor come from? Saratoga New York

4. What year did your ancestor come to Florida. 1840s

5. Where did they settle? Duval, Florida Territory

6. Tell us what else you know about your ancestor.

Allen family, by Elizabeth Allen Sacco (Sacramento, CA). I've enclosed an old plat map of Jacksonville Florida that shows Allen land. Lorenzo Dow Allen lived in Duval, Florida Territory and is found on the 1840 census. He was born in Saratoga New York; I am not sure when he arrived in Florida.

In 1841 he purchased 39 acres in the Jacksonville area and started his family. Sometime between 1850 and 1860 his wife and three of his four children died. (I believe it was from yellow fever.)

In 1861, Lorenzo and his oldest son John, enlisted in the Confederate Army in the 3rd Fla infantry Co F (Capt. Hardee's Cowboys). Lorenzo was captured on Sept 18 1862 in Glasglow Ky, paroled and discharged on Oct 29.

John was wounded and captured at Missionary Ridge in 1863. He then joined Company H, 3rd regiment of the USA Volunteer Infantry and spent the remainder of the war in frontier service in the Northwestern Territories.

I believe Lorenzo may have died during the war. John settled in Alabama after the war.

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