1. Your first and last name. JASON BATTON

2. Your ancestor's first and last name. WILLIAM BATTON

3. Where did your ancestor come from? NOT SURE

4. What year did your ancestor come to Florida. EARLY 1900s

5. Where did they settle? POLK COUNTY, FLORIDA

6. Tell us what else you know about your ancestor.

Batton Family In Florida by Jason Batton (Lynchburg, Va). My last name is Batton. My father's family goes back at least three generations probably more. My grandfather and my great uncles were definitely an interesting bunch. My father tells me stories about them all the time. He says they were true Florida crackers.

My father is 73 yrs old, and grew up in the native Florida culture. It is certainly a culture all of it's own. Not all of it good but distinct nonetheless.

They wrestled gators, fought mosquitoes, lived in the swamps, had drunken brawls, made moonshine, had a disdain for northerners, and a unique relationship with blacks and Native Americans. They were also very tough.

Through my fathers stories, I have some good insight into this dying culture. My father also has a real native Floridian accent. People always ask him where his accent comes from, because they can not place it.

I hope my family history helps to keep this dying culture alive. To understand the Batton family is to know what it means to be a native Floridian. Most of my father's stories took place in the Polk County area. They were an interesting mix of English and French ancestry. I would invite anyone to research this.
FLORIDA BACK ROADS TRAVEL SAYS: Jason has provided additional information for his family. Here it is:

First Name: Jason Batton
E-Mail Address:
Jan 15, 2014:
I would like to apologize for the missing info concerning the Batton name. I wrote that shortly after discovering your site. Therefore I was not quite sure what you were looking for. My grandfather's name was William Batton. His brother's were Skip, Raymond, and Lamar Batton. My grandfather was born in Polk county in 1910. I will give you my great grandfathers info as soon I get it. I would also like to add that my father knew Katherine Harris and Ben Hill Griffin Sr really well. He used to work for Katherine's father ,George Harris, at Citrus & Chemical bank in Bartow. Ben Hill and Katherine are two new names you just added to your site. He has told me many stories about them. You may want to do some research on C & C bank too. It was started by Ben Hill Griffin while Katherine Harris's dad George and my father were instrumental in keeping it up and running.It played a major role in native Florida history and culture. Anyway, sorry about the missing info. I will give you more when I get the time. Thank you

One more thing. My father's name is James Lamar Batton. He was born in Bartow, Fl in 1941.

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