Brevard Hotel

by Mike Miller
(Mount Dora, Florida)

Brevard Hotel 1940s

Brevard Hotel 1940s

This postcard shows the Brevard Hotel on the Indian River in Cocoa, Florida about 1940.

It was torn down in 1999 and replaced by a modern high rise condominium called Oleander Pointe for the old historic name of the location.

The historic name was actually Oleander Point (without the fancy developer’s “e” at the end). It was a favorite picnic and sailing place a century ago.

The old Florida Crackers of that time would have considered adding an "e" to "Point" to be a bit snooty. I guess today we almost expect it.

When I lived in Brevard County the Brevard Hotel was one of my favorite watering holes.

Its gloomy dank basement lounge was known as the Cascade Room for the simulated waterfalls that adorned the place.

To save electricity, Elizabeth, the blonde German bartender, kept the lights turned down very low.

The Cascade Room was one of the lesser known bars in Cocoa.

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