1. Your Ancestor's Family Name: Brown
2. Your full name: Anonymous
3. Where did your ancestor come from? Georgia
4. What year (approx) did your ancestor come to Florida? 1832
5. Where did your ancestor settle in Florida? Columbia County

From Florida Genealogical Society

Robert BROWN, was born in Camden County, Georgia on 14 December 1804. He
married Eliza Ann Clementine PENDERGAST on 24 November 1829, and was settled
in Columbia County, Territory of Florida by 1832. He was a Justice of the
Peace, and the first representative to the Territorial Legislative Council
to represent Columbia County only. In Territorial Papers, he was appointed
Judge of the County Court in 1834; appointed J. P. in 1835; and was appointed
Appraiser of the Union Bank of Tallahassee for Columbia County, in 1837. He
was voter #5 and Election Clerk at Robert BROOKS Precinct, Columbia County
in the first statewide election 26 May 1845. He was Speaker of the House in
1846. Robert served as a colonel in the 12th Regiment of the Florida Militia.
According to an entry in Names, in the 1841 Session of the Territorial
Legislative Council, he requested the government to settle claims for the
regiment he commanded,for military services in 1838. Robert and Eliza Ann's
children were: John Vincent; David William "Willard"; George Washington;
__ Brooks; Georgia Ann Florida; and Epaminondas

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