Crum Family in Florida by Pat Knox Ketchie
(Salt Springs, Florida)

Crum Plaque in Brooksville Cemetery I'm a Sixth Generation Native Floridian...and a Fifth Generation Native of Hernando County, Florida. I love learning more of Florida's history and remembering some things that I've forgotten.

My Great-Great-Great Grandmother, Charlotte Wynn Pyles Crum, one of the first settlers in Hernando County, was killed by a band of Seminole Indians in 1842 shortly after the close of the Second Seminole Indian War. She was the 1st person buried in what is now Brooksville Cemetery. That property was on the original Homestead of her husband, Richard Crum.

Of course I can only remember my Grandfather, David M. Crum. born February 1879, deceased April 1963.

What great stories I remember.

Anyway May 3, 2003, the Florida Historical Society had a great dedication honoring her. The marker was placed at her grave site that day, 161 years after her death. The Historical Society did a marvelous job contacting many of the heirs. A day I'll never forget. I have saved any and everything regarding our heritage.

I also have a copy of the Homestead Certificate that was issued to my Great Grandfather, John W. Crum. Homestead Certificate No. 7038, dated April 29, 1890 signed by President Benjamin Harrison and registered with the "Register of the Land Office at Gainesville, Florida, pursuant to the Act of Congress 20th day of May, 1862". That Homestead contained 161 acres.

It reads: One hundred sixty one acres and eight hundredths of an acre.

Amazing what we learn. Marion, Citrus, Hernando, Pasco and I think Sumter counties were all part of Alachua County for many years.

Didn't mean to bore you with our family history, If you'd like more of Hernando County we may be able to supply you with lots of history. Some in Pasco County also, lots of ancestors and history there too.

Keep up the good work and I will be looking forward to all of your issues.
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Mar 10, 2013
I'm the wife of wife Timothy Crum
by: Susan Crum

I just read your post and thought I'd contact you as my husband is the fourth son of Creighton Hale Crum(deceased) of Brooksville Florida. We live in California but have visited Brooksville several times. We have not been to the Brooksville cemetery but will certainly do so the next time we visit. We did find the Crum cemetery,quite by accident, near Ocala a couple of years ago.
Crum and Lykes Families in Florida by Pat Knox Ketchie (Salt Springs, Florida). There are so many amazing true stories that many people have never heard and some that many people have forgotten. I thoroughly enjoyed reading some of the older issues of Florida Heritage Ezine.

When I have some time, I'll send you some info regarding more "ancestor history". Salt Springs (not where I live now) between Aripeka and Hudson (Pasco County). Desalination from the Gulf, salt supplied to the Confederate Army, etc.

My Grandfather and the Lykes family started in the cattle business together. Lykes Bros. went on to the commercial, Cattle, Orange groves, shrimp and shipping businesses and made millions.

My grandfather had a smaller cattle farm (about 1500 to 2000 acres) and seven children.

Someone in my family has always been the manager of Lykes Cattle Ranch in Brighton. First was Morris Crum, (my Mom's double-first cousin - brothers married sisters) then his son, Tommy Crum. After that it was Freddie Griffin. His grandfather (Fred Crum) and mine were brothers.

I could go on for days.

Have info from my Grandmother's family also. Alice Eiland Crum. Her sister, my great-aunt Mary Demeritt, was probably the first, or one of the first females that was an Ordained Minister. She and her family also owned/managed a zoo in the New Port Richey/Tarpon Springs area.

I recall that we attended an Annual Reunion at the Townsend House Cemetery...Between Spring Lake and Dade City. SR the County Line. Her Bro-In-Law, great Uncle Archie Burnsides was Clerk of Circuit Court, Pasco County for many years. Then his son, Stanley became Clerk after he retired. Also the other son, Walter Burnsides was Circuit Judge in Hillsborough County for many, many years.

I'm getting excited and nostalgic just thinking about facts that have been stored in my mind for years.

Maybe one day we will meet and we'll share some history

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