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Fried Bananas

Fried Bananas

My family (great-great grandfather and around six children) came from Eufala, Alabama directly after the end of the Civil War. They settled near Tampa I think. Fort White was the name of the little town.

He built a little hotel near the railroad. Later his son and wife (my great grandparents) were forced to move further south and pioneer some land on an island off Marco Island. They built a home and had a large garden.

My great grandfather hunted alligators for their hides and birds for their feathers to make ends meet for his family of 8. My great grandmother lived to be 93 she and her two daughters - my grandmother and her sister - were all good cooks.

Most of the recipes above I am familiar with. I am thrilled to get the one for watermelon rind pickles! I was surprised not to find a recipe for fried bananas listed. I thought you might enjoy adding it to the collection. It’s simple and soooo good served with bacon and hot buttered toast on the side:

Here's how you make Fried Bananas:

For about 6 helpings use around 8 normal size bananas, peeled and sliced lengthwise in long thin strips. Add these to a frying pan of sizzling butter, sprinkle the bananas lightly with granulated sugar and cinnamon. Cook over medium heat turning and chopping until they are soft and candied but still with plenty of juices...if more sugar is needed to start a candy-like syrup, add a little at a time. Make sure to serve piping hot with hot toast all buttered and ready...these go fast!

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