1. Your first and last name. Jason Batton

2. Your ancestor's first and last name. ? Henderson

3. Where did your ancestor come from? Don't know

4. What year did your ancestor come to Florida. 1800s.

5. Where did they settle? Don't know.

6. Tell us what else you know about your ancestor.

Henderson Family In Florida by Jason Batton (Lynchburg, Va) The Henderson name came from my great grandmother on my dad's mother's side of the family. It was her maiden name.

The Hendersons go back too far to tell. It is likely they go back at least to the early 1800's in the sunshine state. Like many crackers, they were a very back woods people. They lived off the land and did not have much education. However, they certainly were not lacking in intelligence.

Although they survived off the land. There are many stories about Henderson men having unusual hobbies like playing chess and reading literature on philosophy. My great grandmother was said to be very opinionated, feisty, and quick to speak her mind. She did not possess one pretentious bone in her body. She did possess a kind heart however and was very hospitable to anyone in need of help. She would often leave food out for homeless strays to eat and was quick to offer her home for the night to travelers.

The Henderson ranch was full of cactus apples, Florida panthers, bobcats, and black bears and encounters with this wildlife were not uncommon in those days.

The Hendersons were of mostly English and Scottish ancestry. They were also Methodist. So it isn't suprising that they were not too thrilled when my great grandmother married my Irish Catholic great grandfather. Catholics were the minority in the sunshine state back in those days and were not always well received.

My great grandfather's family the Gilooleys, were never totally accepted by the Hendersons. Unfortunately, what I know about the Henderson family has been passed down to me by my 73 year old father.

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