1. Your Ancestor's Family Name: Jones
2. Your full name: Anonymous
3. Where did your ancestor come from? Georgia
4. What year (approx) did your ancestor come to Florida? 1824
5. Where did your ancestor settle in Florida? Alachua County

From Florida State Genealogical Society

Nathaniel JONES was born 29 July 1799 in Georgia and married Kiziah JOHNSON,
born 19 December 1800, in Georgia. We do not have a marriage date. Nathaniel
bought land in Alachua County in 1844, but was settled there as early as 1831,
when Territorial Papers show that he also signed the petition to retain Judge
Joseph SMITH; and the Memorial asking that separate and distinct Territorial
Governments be created. Alachua County Book of Records-Deeds of Lands 1826-
1849, pages 202 and 204 establish that on 27 June 1844 Nathaniel purchased
a tract of land located in Alachua County, containing forty-one acres. He
served as Postmaster at Fort Harlee for a short time in 1845. He was voter
#9 and Election Inspector, at the Fort Harlee Precinct (House of Mrs. Ann
Monroe) in Alachua County in the first statewide election 26 May 1845. He
died on 10 July 1866 in Alachua County, and is buried at the Prevatt Cemetery,
Bradford County, Florida. Kiziah died 12 July 1879, also in Alachua County.

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