LAKELAND, Melanie Hoover

by Melanie Hoover
(Lakeland Florida USA)

Melanie Hoover has lived in Lakeland, Florida since 1978.

Originally from Holland, Michigan, she and her husband of 45 years, have moved many times since she lived in Naples, Florida 49 years ago. They have lived in a number of large cities including, Springfield, Missouri, Minneapolis, Akron, Chicago, Champaign/Urbana and Peoria, Illinois.

She uses the pseudonym 'Melanie Leigh' on her novels.

Her novel set in Naples, Florida is a ode to the romance and beautiful memories of her time there, where she lived 3 blocks from the Naples Pier.

Having done a variety of jobs throughout her life; newspaper (obits in High School for the local newspaper), Nanny, waitress, retail sales, office, hotel desk clerk, editing, radio and owning a Bridal Shop, her writing is a constant outlet for life and imagination.

She has several books, 2 Christian Romance novels and working on a 3rd, and 5 others are Devotional reading and a blog at ''. Her husband also writes and has produced all of her books covers.

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