Nalcrest Florida and The Former Fedhaven Florida

by Mike Miller
(Mount Dora, Florida)

Sign At Entrance To NALCREST, Florida

Sign At Entrance To NALCREST, Florida

A stretch of Florida State Road 60 runs 45 lonely miles between Lake Wales and Yeehaw Junction. Lots of cattle land on both sides of the road, and few developments and populated places.

About 11 miles east of Lake Wales, you will come to a road heading south, Doherty Road. For almost 50 years, a sign pointed the way to the two communities of NALCREST and FEDHAVEN. Fedhaven changed its name recently to Lakeshore, but it's still the same place it always was although it suffered a lot of damage from three hurricanes back in 2004.

NALCREST is an acronym that stands for National Association of Letter Carriers Retirement, Education, Security and Training. It was designed and built by the union that represents letter carriers of the U.S. Postal Service.

Ground was broken and construction started on NALCREST back in 1962. It is primarily a community of garden apartments on a couple of hundred acres on the north shore of Lake Weohyakapka.

All residents of this community have to be retired members of the National Association of Letter Carriers. A funny thing about NALCREST is that mail is not delivered to individual apartments; residents have to walk to the local post office to get their mail.

Nearby Lakeshore was called FEDHAVEN for most of the years since it was built. It is about one mile east of NALCREST and was developed as a retirement community for retired federal employees. FEDHAVEN was built about the same time as NALCREST.

FEDHAVEN was eventually sold to private developers who changed the name to Lakeshore.

Drive to the end of Doherty Road off State Road 60. The road stops at Leisure Lane. Leisure Lane West takes you to NALCREST and Leisure Lane East takes you to Lakeshore.

Take a look. At least you'll be able to say you saw these unusual little Florida retirement communities.

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Feb 10, 2021
Fedhaven Memory
by: Anonymous

Our family stayed at Fedhaven during the 60's. My dad was an active postal carrier and they invited those active employees to come check the place out.

I remember the pool and community center and small cafe. I remember the crazy lady who handfed an alligator she called Nicodemus! After living in Florida for the past 15 years. I'm surprised she didn't lose body parts! You also had the use of small motor boats in the small lagoon.

It's sad to hear the stories of current residents.

Jan 25, 2021
Old memories if Fedhaven
by: Anonymous

My grandma was a resident in the late 60's early 70's. I remember walking to the island and feeding the squirrels, if you didn't have food they would follow you around.

I also remember a resident feeding chicken to a small alligator, coaxing it out of the water saying "come here honey".

I remember visiting in August of 1971 and going to the Kennedy Space Center and seeing Apollo 14 on the launch pad. That same trip we went to WDW but it didn't open for another month so they showed us a movie of it's construction.... what a bummer for a 12 year old.

Dec 23, 2020
Even worse now.
by: Anonymous

I am writing this as a prisoner of Nalcrest. Yes, a prisoner. Yes I can come and go as I please off the property but if you wanted any social interactions, you can’t have it on property!

I am writing this two days before Christmas,,, Festivus. New signs from office says there are to be no congregating at Nalcrest venues. Pool is closed, no bingo, no having a glass of cheer with friends who become like family. This is not the USPS! We are adults who are paying whatever they say. The office and Nalcrest trustees get to go home and enjoy their families and friends, we don’t. Think hard about moving here!

Sep 21, 2020
Agree with others here
by: Anonymous

The person who wrote the most recent review under mine nailed it. Rules are way too many. Mainly one trustee is in power. Even the office is afraid of losing their jobs. Especially since Covid happened. They’ve shut down many activities. I have no idea why there are 190 people on the waiting list. If they knew what it’s like here, they’d never move. It is cheap. That’s what gets you here. It’s peaceful. Some apartments are nice. Depends on what you get or can move to when other residents leave. Rules are bent for some, but not others. If you are not the carrier and married, you might not be allowed to stay if he/she passes away. You think you can live without amenities. After some years, it wears thin, unless you are a snowbird. Ask questions and visit more than once before deciding. There is not the camaraderie among carriers you would think. Too much complaining and "ratting" on others. Some have nothing better to do.That said, there were some fine people among the residents. If I were considering Nalcrest, I’d wait out Covid for sure, No kids under the age of 18 allowed now,

May 31, 2020
Unfriendly Place to Live (Intimidation)
by: Anonymous

It is really sad to see such a beautiful place turn into such an unfriendly place to live.

I agree with anonymous 2018 there are so many rules and regulations in the lease it is shameful. One of the most common complaints is Nalcrest Trustee's and office having too much power.

The reason most NALC's decided to move here was if something would happen(die) to the union member their significant other could decide to stay or not. Now the lease gives power to Nalcrest to decide who can stay or not.

The office personnel only can do what the Board of Trustees tells them to do. There isn't any Grandfather clauses that allowed things at one time and you paid the extra deposit then and now each year with every new lease you can but??? For instance you have already lived in your apartment for years and paid the extra deposit fee for smoking, the damage is already done. You can't undo it.

Residents are afraid to say anything because there are retaliations if you do. Residents moved down here because it is affordable and can not afford to move. If they upset the apple cart they have no other place to go. NALC residents get so upset they move because of harassment.

Nalcrest is bought and paid for by Union Members who have had to obey so many rules and regulations over the years and want to be able to just kick back. You can't any longer. It is so tense I would not recommend moving down here unless you are in with the in crowd. Yes even in this day and age.

You may ask why is this being allowed. Because everyone is being bullied and afraid. I ask now would you move here? Would you want your parents to move down here? The Union just turns a blind eye. Which is kind of funny. Besides the Post Office I believe the maintenance workers and office workers aren't Union. I could be wrong.

There are no checks or balances for the powers at be but it doesn't seem to matter to any Union Reps. The best thing for anyone who is thinking about moving here don't just look at the beautiful landscape/grounds. Look at the buildings and the mis-matching color. They are old and dull looking. Not very inviting. The AC units are in need of replacing. Until they do your AC bill will be high.

The apartments are comfortable and because of the buildings being very structurally solid for the most part are safe against very high winds. The lease went from a few pages to I think 14 pages. A lot of nit picking.

Something needs to be done by NALC Union to get it back to what it was meant to be. I realize there have to be rules and regulations but good LORD not like this. Well like anything else there is always the good and the bad.

The problem with Nalcrest is the way it is presented. A lot of us moved here because rent was cheap. This is where you get hooked. Now because you of it you are trapped. You have to take what is dished out. Sorry state isn't it? This is disheartening for all who thought this would be Paradise.

Aug 18, 2018
Nalcrest Foundation Living
by: Anonymous

It use to be a great place to live now they have more rules and regulations than a Condo Assoc. Residents are fearful of reporting any issues they may have with maintenance needed in their apts., because of being evicted or have the rent raised. Basically being bullied into not saying anything.

You can't enjoy yourself anymore in fear you might step on the wrong toes(Property Manager/office workers/ or the trustees).Everything is up to their discretion.

There is a salon/barber, Laundromat, chapel, pool/hot tub, library, activities and clubs but no restaurant/café(rents too high) or Social Club where residents can just kick back, relax, have a few drinks and socialize with each other in an A/C environment.

The grounds are very well kept with beautiful garden areas. Two lagoons with walking paths and benches around them. It is very peaceful and safe. This community has changed so much over our 6 years of living here.

Apr 06, 2018
The great statue
by: Anonymous

We believe we saw it on the road as we passed. Is the statue still there?


It was there a year or two ago. It's not directly on SR-60, however, it's down in the community itself.

Aug 23, 2017
by: Jack Shaver

Nalcrest is a hidden paradise in central Florida.

The people there are very friendly and helpful. My wife carried mail and brought me to PARADISE.

Jan 13, 2016
The Former Fedhaven Florida
by: Kat Liddy

It is amazing that the senior retirement apt. community would have damage by a hurricane being right smack in the middle of the state. My grandparents Max & Loretta Mueller lived there for only 6 months then came back to Indiana for 6 months.We were down there as a family in the 70's & 80's. I remember riding my g'ma &'s 3 wheeler around the lagoons & down to the center,swimming & having a Jewish lady teaching me how to float. We spent Christmas down there in the 70's, that was something. Frogs croaking, lizards inside the apt. crickets chirping,seeing alligators too. In 1980 I was down there for 1 mo. attending a trade school in Kissimmee at Southeastern Academy & spent weekends at my grandparents. I visited a lot of the attractions down there. Had a great time!

Sep 23, 2015
Fedhaven in the 1960s
by: Deena

My Grandpa and Grandma Stoops lived here for a while when I was a kid. I loved visiting them and riding bikes around the lagoons, swimming in the pool, playing shuffleboard, dances and dinners at the community place. I remember a lady I think was a reporter for the little newsletter. Her name was Kit. I remember a man named Eddie at the swimming pool. He always had a white float belt of some type around his waist and sang a song about Dan Dan....I learned to swim from a lady visiting her parents who was an actual Olympics coach. I remember the alligators roaring at night and getting our pictures taken standing right next to them. Great memories!


Deena, thanks for sharing the memories about Fedhaven. You are the reason we publish these little stories about places that are mostly forgotten: because we know that some people will remember, and those that don't might be interested anyway.

Aug 02, 2014
Florida Retirement Communities
by: foresttrace

This is a great thing. Thanks for giving the time to share such nice information.

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