Pier 66, My First Memory

by Jay Tetro
(Seminole Fl)

Back about ‘66 was the first time I set my eyes on this beautiful piece of architecture with a spinning top while driving by with my college buddies. I knew somehow I had to figure out how to get to the top for the experience of a lifetime.

My part time job a few miles down the road at the Food Fair downtown on the New River paid me about $2. an hour. So I saved what I could and one afternoon we cleaned ourselves up and walked in there with our fake id’s and ordered a drink at the bar and did our 66 minute spin.

The view was breath taking and the engineering magic was intriguing, it was Disney before Disney hit Florida. To me it was the seventh wonder of the world and I think directed me to a career as a builder.

Thanks for reminding me of my early days in Ft. Lickerdale.

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