Sanford and Osteen
A Florida Backroads 'Ghost Story'

(Orlando, Florida)

Brooklyn Supreme

Brooklyn Supreme

Everybody knows that Apopka is called 'The Foliage Capital of the World.'

But did you know Sanford was once known as 'The Celery Capital?'

The road that ran between Sanford and the St. Johns River was once lined with celery fields, and was aptly named 'Celery Road'.

The east end of Celery Road ran through an old Indian burial ground.

There was once a blacksmith named Sligh Ernest who owned a horse which stood twenty-two hands high and weighed 3,200 pounds. When the horse died, it had to be hauled by a tractor to its burial pit beside Celery Avenue.

(The photo above is from the International Museum of the Horse, and shows Brooklyn Supreme who was just about the same size)

Since then, the road has been widened over the horse's grave.

Now, everyone knows about the Osteen Bridge and the road from the bridge leading to Sanford.

But did you know that motorists driving at night were often accompanied by a phantom white horse that appeared to be galloping beside their vehicle?

This strange apparition has been sighted by motorists on several occasions.

One such motorist was a woman who lived in Altamonte Springs. One night as she was driving down that road she looked to her right and saw what appeared to be an Indian in full headdress riding a pure white horse!

The horse and rider appeared to be translucent, you could see through them as the spectre paced her car as she was doing about 40 mph.

Another old Indian burial ground was covered over in the early 60's by Interstate 4. There is a section of I-4 that is known as "The Dead Zone" because of the many accidents that have occurred there and they say cell phones won't work in "The Dead Zone".

But that is another story for another day . . .

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A Florida Backroads 'Ghost Story'

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Feb 03, 2011
The Oveido Lights: More Local Lore
by: Greg May


My big brother and his buddies used to take their girlfriends out to see "The Ghost Light" near Oveido. They say it was caused by swamp gas.

Feb 03, 2011
Another Ghost in Rockledge
by: Mike Miller


I like your story, but didn't know a horse could get as big as 3200 pounds. What a monster!

Another ghost story I've always liked takes place along the river road in Rockledge. Just a short distance south of Barton Boulevard many drivers during rain storms have seen a wet and miserable looking woman standing on the river side of the road hitch hiking.

Some drivers say they've picked her up and taken her a short distance up the road to Cocoa, where she asks to get out. After she has left the car, the driver notices the seat where she was sitting is not wet even though she was drenched.

Local lore has it that a woman drowned in the Indian River many years ago right by the spot where the hitch hiker is spotted.

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