. Your Ancestor's Family Name: Smith
2. Your full name: Anonymous
3. Where did your ancestor come from? Georgia
4. What year (approx) did your ancestor come to Florida? 1827
5. Where did your ancestor settle in Florida? Hamilton County

From Florida State Genealogical Society

John G. SMITH was born 10 February 1800, and married Mary Ann MATHIS, born 17 July 1798 in Bulloch County, Georgia. They were married 17 August 1820 in Appling County. Mary Ann's parents were Edmund MATHIS and Unity REGISTER.

John SMITH and Ann were settled in Hamilton County, Florida where he voted in the election of 1833 to elect a delegate to Congress. He homesteaded 80 acres of land on the north side of the Suwannee River, purchasing the land from the U. S. Government when Martin Van Buren was President. This land is located very near to what is now Interstate 75. John G. SMITH was voter #4 at Precinct #3, Francis Ross', Hamilton County in the first statewide election 26 May 1845. Territorial Papers list his appointments as Justice of the Peace, and he is listed as a signer on several documents. He was Sheriff, and held other County Offices. Names lists another John G. SMITH who settled in Jackson County, about the same time as this John G. SMITH Children of John and Mary Ann were:
Absalom Sessions SMITH, married Sarah
Edmund Mathis SMITH, married Mary LEE
Elizabeth SMITH, married Amos CHESHIRE
Sarah Ann SMITH, married William Riley JOHNS
James J. SMITH
Nancy G. SMITH, married W.W. McALPIN
John G. SMITH Jr, married Martha M. __

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