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You will be introduced to an entirely different culture than that of the northern counties that border Georgia and Alabama.

As the old saying goes about Florida:  north is southern;  south is northern.  Culturally, that is.

It is also a different culture than you will find in Florida's central and western regions.

If the north Florida regions are also known as Florabama and Florgia, then Southeast Florida could be called lower New York or northern Havana.

Modern immigrants from the New England states and Latin and Central America give the region its diverse flavor. You can enjoy a New York Pizza, an Argentinian steak, and a Jamaican beef patty and never leave the shopping center.

Without the Standard Oil Company, Southeast Florida might not be what it is today. Henry Flagler was John D. Rockefeller's partner in the giant firm. He sold out and moved to Florida in 1885.

He was rich, but he wasn't the kind of man who considered retirement. His first Florida venture was to build the giant 540 room Ponce de Leon Hotel in St. Augustine. This magnificent building is now the home of Flagler College.

He saw the potential for a Florida travel industry before anybody else.

Southeast Florida has 5 counties:  Martin, Palm Beach, Broward, Dade and Monroe.

An important part of the history of Southeast Florida is the history of Miami.Here is a Florida Road Map and a Florida County Map for your enjoyment.

These maps will be useful to you as part of your free Florida travel guide to Southeast Florida.


The following free Florida travel guide links will tell you about the many things to do in Southeast Florida.


Places to stay and places to eat can be found on the individual town pages.

The individual town pages include a brief history of the town along with my recommended motels, hotels and restaurants.

Each town page also includes a description of at least one bed and breakfast or historic hotel.

Some towns and places in Southeast Florida are:

  1. Coconut Grove
  2. Coral Gables
  3. Delray Beach
  4. Fort Lauderdale
  5. Hollywood
  6. Homestead
  7. Key Biscayne
  8. Key West
  9. Miami
  10. Palm Beach


There is one Southeast Florida winery listed in our free Florida travel guide:

  1. Schnebly Redlands Winery, Homestead

Your Southeast Florida travel adventure would be enhanced by a visit to this most exotic of Florida Wineries.

Additional information on the Florida wine industry and a list of all Florida wineries and vineyards, is at Florida Wineries.


The beaches of Southeast Florida are mostly beautiful white sand and largely built up with high rise condominiums. Southeast Florida is more sparsely populated in the northern area from Jensen Beach down to Jupiter Inlet.

Further south, from West Palm Beach to Miami Beach, the beaches are still beautiful but sometimes crowded. This makes for wonderful people watching.

Haulover Beach north of Miami Beach is one of two Florida nudist beaches I am aware of that cater to sun worshipers.

Most Florida travel brochures I've seen don't advertise the nudist beaches.

Unlike Playalinda Beach in Brevard County, bathing without clothes is legal at Haulover Beach.... or so I've been told.

It would be wise to check with the Miami-Dade Police Department just to make sure.

The beaches in the Florida Keys are different than the rest of Florida.

They are not typically of the white sand variety, but are usually crunchy coral and hard on bare feet. There are a few sandy beaches, however, including Bahia Honda State Park.

The Florida Keys still mean "beach" to me.

Even without the miles of white sandy beaches that are typical of much of Florida, the whole Conch Republic is Margaritaville.

It is impossible for me not to have a beachey feel when I am in Key West.

The Florida Keys make you want to be a beachcomber. Florida travel in the Keys makes you want to play a Jimmy Buffet CD on the car radio.

And it is still, literally and figuratively, the end of the road for any Florida travel experience.

More information about Southeast Florida beaches is available at Best Beaches In Florida.


  1. Coral Castle, Homestead
  2. Everglades National Park, Flamingo
  3. Fairchild Tropical Gardens, Coral Gables
  4. Fruit and Spice Park, Redland
  5. Hemingway Home, Key West
  6. Key West Aquarium, Key West
  7. Jungle Queen Riverboat, Fort Lauderdale
  8. Lion Country Safari, West Palm Beach
  9. Miami Marine Stadium, Virginia Key
  10. Morikami Gardens, Delray Beach
  11. Robert Is Here, Homestead
  12. The Ancient Spanish Monastery
  13. The Dolphin Connection, Duck Key

Our free Florida travel guide has more information about Florida Tourist Attractions in other regions of Florida.


Southeast Florida heritage begins with the early native Americans who dwelled in the area 12,000 years ago.

This region was settled by northerners who came in floods after Flagler brought the railroad to Miami before 1900.

Later waves of northern U.S. immigration along with Cubans and other Caribbean and latin American residents make this a very diverse region.

This heritage is shared by all the counties in Southeast Florida. Each county has its fair share of sites that are an important part of Florida history.

This free Florida travel guide has a list of Southeast Florida Heritage Sites.


There are dozens of Florida State Parks in Southeast Florida. Many of them have great beaches and quiet campgrounds.

Your Southeast Florida travel adventures will be enhanced with a visit to one of our wonderful state parks.

Southeast Florida probably has some of the most interesting parks in the entire state, including a couple - John Pennekamp and San Pedro - that are under the sparkling clear water of the Florida Keys.

More information is available on this free Florida travel guide at Southeast Florida State Parks.


Our getaways are inns that capture the authentic Florida feeling and have been stayed at by Florida Backroads Travel staff or inspected and rated by established associations.


There is a demand throughout the country for information on day trips and one tank trips. People like the idea of leaving their home, seeing a lot in a day or two, and not breaking the family budget.

Virtually every state, including Florida, has websites and books that focus on the concept of being able to travel from your home and see a lot of interesting places and things. is a free Florida travel guide that will give you some great ideas for local day trips and one tank trips.

Southeast Florida has plenty of safe and scenic, lightly traveled backroads that will take you through interesting Florida towns and attractions.

Here are some Southeast Florida day trips and one tank trips.


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