August 9, 2020

We know many of you are limiting travel during these uncertain times.  Although we continue to feature trips and places to visit, we are not encouraging you to visit them until it is safe.  We want to support Florida's attractions and businesses during this situation, and hope you will plan to visit them when things get better.  In the meantime, enjoy them virtually from the comfort of your home. 

My  "TIME OUT" brand deluxe model camper was purchased new in 2011 for $5300. I am the second owner, and it's been lightly used.  Florida is its normal camping territory.

The camper is in excellent condition.  It is stored inside when not out in some campground.  It fits in my two car garage along with a Toyota Corolla and a Honda CRV tow vehicle.

Timeout Camper and Honda CRV Tow VehicleTimeout Camper and Honda CRV Tow Vehicle

This lightweight camping trailer is an extraordinary step up from tent camping.  The best news is that it keeps you off the ground.  That's great if you are a camper getting up there in age.  I'm not only getting up there in age, I am 6'-5" tall.  This is a problem with most small tents, but not this one:  I can stand straight up with an inch of headroom to spare.

It's so light it can be towed behind almost any motorcycle or car.  It doesn't affect your gas mileage at all.  The trailer has a tongue weight of only 20 pounds, so it's very easy to move by hand once you get to a campsite.  No backing around back and forth trying to find the right spot.  Just haul it by hand where you want it to go.

Unlike a typical "popup camper", this one has no plumbing, no hydraulics, no cables, no pulleys, no separate braking system, no lighting system .... in short, very little to go wrong or needing maintenance.

Timeout Camping Trailer and Honda CRV Tow VehicleTimeout Camping Trailer and Honda CRV Tow Vehicle

The trailer sets up in about 10 minutes with one person. Tent is hand stitched and attached around extendable poles with no assembly needed.  To setup the trailer it folds open, poles slide and click into place with little effort. Tent pops into place around bottom of trailer frame. 

When packing up, the tent easily collapses and can be tightened down by straps compressing the space of the tent when stored inside the trailer. This provides space in the trailer to carry camping supplies.

Here are some of the highlights and features of this trailer:

  • Steel frame construction with aluminum side panels
  • 23 cubic feet of interior storage when towing
  • Luggage and cooler rack in front of trailer
  • Air conditioning port with stand
  • Inside access port for freezer on luggage rack
  • 5000 BTU Frigidaire Air Conditioner
  • 58 inch by 78 inch queen sized bed platform
  • Coleman Queen size air mattress
  • Fully elevated living area.  No mud tracked in!
  • 6'-6" standing headroom in center of tent
  • Fully carpeted floor and bed platform.
  • Room for two chairs and one table
  • Table with vertical stand
  • Thetford Porta Potti, never used
  • Stablizer jacks at all four corners
  • Tow dolly for moving by hand
  • LED tail and directional lights
  • License tag light
  • Wiring connection for operation of tail lights
  • Tongue Weight:  20 lbs
  • Empty Weight:  385 lbs
  • Axle Rating:  800 lbs
  • Box Length:  69 inches
  • Box Width: 43 inches
  • Total Length with tongue:  108 inches
Timeout Camping Trailer, Anastasia State ParkTimeout Camping Trailer, Anastasia State Park

The trailer is easy to move into the desired position on the campsite by hand.  Then you lower the four stabilizing jacks.

Timeout Camping Trailer, Highlands Hammock State ParkTimeout Camping Trailer, Highlands Hammock State Park

Then you unfold the camper and you can see the queen size bunk platform in the front and the entrance "lobby" in the rear near the power pedestal. 

The tent is out of sight in the cargo area in the photo above.

Timeout Camping Trailer, Anastasia State ParkTimeout Camping Trailer, Anastasia State Park

The set up takes only a few minutes using the extendable pole frames that are attached to the inside of the trailer.  The final step is to snap the grommets on the tent to the perimeter of the trailer.  Then if you are in a campsite with electricity, now you can plug in your power cord.

Interior of Timeout Camping TrailerInterior of Timeout Camping Trailer

The tent can be opened up and each window is screened.  Each window also has a tinted transparent zip cover in case you want to close it off and keep it light inside.  You can also zip up the canvas window covers for total privacy.  

Timeout Camping Trailer Set Up at Suwannee River State ParkTimeout Camping Trailer Set Up at Suwannee River State Park

For hotter days and nights you can use the 5,000 BTU air conditioner that sits on its own stand and attaches to the tent through a special opening.  It cools off the tent very quickly and keeps it cool.

Here is a Youtube video showing how to set up the camper.  Just play it backwards to see how to pack it back up.:))

Part of the appeal on traveling the back roads of Florida is to enjoy the state the way it used to be.  My Timeout Camper serves me faithfully in Florida's many state, national, and local parks.

These parks are havens of the Old Florida I miss.

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