1. Your first and last name. Deborah Callicott

2. Your ancestor's first and last name. Joseph Wilson.

3. Where did your ancestor come from? South Carolina

4. What year did your ancestor come to Florida. 1824

5. Where did they settle? Duval County

6. Tell us what else you know about your ancestor.

Wilson Family, by Deborah Callicott (Russell, Clay Co., FL ).

JOSEPH WILSON, appeared in Florida late 1824, and was joined in early 1825 by JESSE WILSON, who along with his young family settled on property along Trout Creek in Duval Co. The two young men, both born in South Carolina, are believed to be brothers .... Both men served in the Seminole Wars, and both eventually settled in southern Duval Co., now Clay Co., in the area now known as Camp Blanding, FL .

Oral history, now confirmed by DNA testing, show this family to be of Scottish Highland origin back to the Isle of Skye region and part of the Clan Donald, even though the Wilson surname is not recognized as a "clan" name.

Both men were involved in multiple industries, including livestock, timber, bridge building, general farming,and cultivation of "fine spirits". Their sons owned naval stores, general stores, turpentine operations, general farms, & fishing operations.

Industry was a way of life, as was political & military service .... The women were the spiritual and educational leaders of the family, helping to bring civility and God to a most inhospitable place.

In the early 1800's the family intermarried with the Weeks, MacBurney, Knight, Conway, Bennett, Bush, Harris, Hogan/Hagen, Carter, Thomas, Murhree, Geiger, Higginbotham, Oglesby, & others who likewise were Florida Pioneer Settlers, and most of whom were of Scottish or Scotch-Irish ancestry ...

This family has left behind numerous descendants of similar fortitude and industry ....

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Jul 09, 2012
Interesting Geneology!
by: Anonymous

Deborah, keep providing us with more Florida family-tree history . . . this is so interesting!My brother and his wife are very much interested in genealogy. When our cousin was living in Park City, Utah (he was a DELTA pilot) they spent a lot of time at the Genealogy Museum in Salt Lake City. But Florida family-tree history is so interesting because our State is truly a pioneering one.

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Jan 29, 2020
Wilson's from old town
by: Greg Taylor

My uncle Lewis wilson through marriage was from a small place called old town

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