This Florida Travel Guide will help you get around our huge state. 

When you look at the map of Florida, travel can appear intimidating.

You quickly realize that this is a massive state. I don't just mean its almost 20 million people. I'm talking about the huge land area that we know as Florida.

It is about 833 miles by car from Pensacola to Key West. That's about the same driving distance as from Springfield, Illinois to Pensacola. On that trip you would pass through all of the major geographical regions of Florida.

The Florida Highway Patrol says there are 83,141 miles of federal, state and county roads in Florida. Most of them are paved, and most Florida travel will be on the paved ones.

This large area can best be understood by dividing it into geographical regions for the purposes of this Florida travel guide as shown on the map below.   Each regional name is a clickable link to a travel guide for that region.

Northwest Florida Travel Guide North Central Florida Travel Guide Northeast Florida Travel Guide Central East Florida Travel Guide Central Florida Travel Guide Central West Florida Travel Guide Southwest Florida Travel Guide Southeast Florida Travel Guide Image Map

Florida Travel Guide Covers 8 Geographical Regions

In addition to the 8 geographical regions of Florida shown on the map, our Florida travel guide also includes a section on the Florida Everglades. This huge wondrous River of Grass sprawls over 5 of the 8 regions.

I choose to use the 8 divisions published by the Florida Department of Agriculture. The map above was obtained from their website and forms the basis of our travel guide.

You can access information about the 8 Regions of Florida by clicking on the links below to our free travel guides.


Known as the Florida Panhandle or Florabama. From Pensacola in the west to Carabelle in the east. Mainly rural, great beaches, large military installations with good government paychecks.


From Monticello and Jasper near the Georgia border, to Gainesville, Tallahassee and Cedar Key. Mainly rural, great little towns and super college football teams, Gators and Seminoles. Great Florida travel on the backroads.


Travel from Fernandina Beach through Jacksonville, St. Augustine and Palm Coast. Lots of beaches, but solid industry and insurance jobs in Jacksonville means tourism is not the only game in town.


Travel to Daytona Beach, Melbourne and Vero Beach. The Daytona Speedway, The Space Coast and The Treasure Coast. Fantastic beaches. A quieter lifestyle.


Including Ocala, Orlando, Winter Haven and Lake Placid. Here are the major theme parks and Orlando International Airport. This is where every tourist goes at least once.


Enjoy Homosassa Springs, St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Tampa, Sarasota and Venice. Lots of great boating and fishing waters, a lot of diversity in culture from north to south.


Visit Punta Gorda, LaBelle, Clewiston, Fort Myers and Naples. Some country towns and some rich neighborhoods. More golf courses than you can shake a putter at. Good fishing and boating.


From Stuart in the north through Fort Lauderdale and Miami to Key West. Something for everybody. Lots of beautiful people, models, ethnic restaurants, South Beach, Key West sunsets.


This giant wetland and hammock environment sprawls from south of Orlando all the way down to Florida Bay and the Keys. It is located within 4 of the 8 geographical regions. Great fishing and nature watching. Lots of solitude.

This website focuses on lesser traveled Florida destinations and events within these regions that provide fun and affordable experiences. I will also give you my recommendations for lodging, camping and dining in the towns within these regions.

Enjoy the backroads and quiet places of Florida.

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