Mike Miller is the author of numerous books about Florida, including several travel guides.  He lives in Mount Dora, Florida.

Miller was an engineering project manager during the construction of Walt Disney World Florida in Orlando.  His first book - "What Would Walt Do?" - was written in 2000 and is an account of his experiences on that major project.

It discussed the influence that Walt Disney had on the quality of the project, even though he died before construction began.  In addition to "What Would Walt Do?", Miller has written numerous other books with Florida themes, including eight regional travel guides.

Some of the other books Miller has written are available as Kindle and paperback versions on Amazon.com and include:

  • What Would Walt Do?
  • How To Manage Diversity
  • Living Aboard A Boat
  • Florida Backroads Travel
  • Northwest Florida Backroads Travel
  • North Central Florida Backroads Travel
  • Northeast Florida Backroads Travel
  • Central East Florida Backroads Travel
  • Central Florida Backroads Travel
  • Central West Florida Backroads Travel
  • Southwest Florida Backroads Travel
  • Southeast Florida Backroads Travel
  • Florida Festivals
  • Florida Everglades
  • Florida Wineries
  • Florida Carpenter Gothic Churches
  • Florida Heritage Travel Volume 1
  • Florida Heritage Travel Volume 2
  • Florida Heritage Travel Volume 3
  • Florida One Tank Trips Volume 1

    These books are available at Mike Miller's Amazon Author Page

Much of the information in our website is available in a series of books for each of Florida's eight geographical regions, along with a separate book covering the entire state titled Florida Backroads Travel. All books are available in Kindle versions and some in soft cover format also.

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This  book   shows you 50 nifty places to visit on less than a tank of gas from major Florida cities.

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