BY  Mike Miller Updated January 6, 2024

The rapid population growth and unchecked development of the past half century have left us long time Floridians saddened for the Florida we have lost. 

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Our state seems to be changing faster every year. We remember the way it was and wish it were still the same.  Since that can never be, we created this website to help you find off the beaten path places that still have that “Old Florida” feeling. 

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  1. 10 Safest Florida Cities From Hurricanes

    Jun 16, 24 10:18 AM

    Hurricane Isabel
    10 safest Florida cities from hurricanes are mostly inland. The list changes from year to year based on the latest major hurricane damage.

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  2. Florida Snakes Are Usually Harmless. Usually.

    Jun 16, 24 09:47 AM

    Most Florida snakes are no threat to people or other animals. There are exceptions,however, and it is smart to know what to look for.

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  3. American Beach: Historic Community on Amelia Island

    Jun 13, 24 02:00 PM

    American Beach Postcard
    American Beach Florida was established as a location for African American recreation and community.

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  4. 21 Amazing Florida Historic Buildings and Architectural Sites

    Jun 13, 24 10:46 AM

    St Augustine Oldest House
    Florida's oldest buildings are in St. Augustine dating back to 1565. Many masterpieces were constructed in the Gilded Age.

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  5. 10 Great Places in Florida for Solo Travel by Women

    Jun 12, 24 11:58 AM

    Woman Solo Convertible
    Florida solo travel for women. Recommendations, ideas.

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  6. Windermere, Florida: Peaceful Oasis Near Busy Orlando

    Jun 12, 24 11:51 AM

    Windermere School
    Windermere Florida is a quiet little town nestled among the lakes of the Butler chain. It is one of the oldest communities in Orange County.

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  7. Hitler's Yacht Spent Her Final Sad Days in Jacksonville, Florida

    Jun 12, 24 10:12 AM

    Hitler Yacht
    Hitler's yacht, Ostwind, ended up in the United States. She was discovered rotting away in a Jacksonville boat yard.

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  8. Ted Williams Museum and Hitters Hall of Fame

    Jun 11, 24 09:38 AM

    Ted Williams at Bat
    Ted Williams Museum and Hitters Hall of Fame in Hernando, Florida was once a popular attraCTION.

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  9. Cape Canaveral, Florida. Things to Do, History, Culture

    Jun 10, 24 10:52 AM

    Cape Canaveral Satellite View
    Cape Canaveral Florida is adjacent to a great cruise ship port, and also has a lot of fun things to do on shore.

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  10. 19 Best Museums in Florida: Art, History, Science, Bizarre

    Jun 10, 24 09:50 AM

    Ripley's Odditorium
    There are museums in Florida for just about any interest you might have. From fine Tiffany art to the bizarre collections in a Believe it or Not museum.

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