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This Florida travel guide helps you navigate a state that is changing culturally and geographically faster than any other in the USA.  The population has increased from 5 million in 1960 to almost 22 million in 2019.

Interstate 95 in Miami, FloridaInterstate 95 in Miami, Florida

Many new Floridians drive to work or vacation on the interstate highways or toll roads.  This means they never get a chance to see Florida the way it was not so long ago.  

They miss out on that other Florida, what we call Old Florida. It’s a serene place of natural wonders, historic sites and towns that have somehow escaped the frantic growth of recent years.

Micanopy, FloridaMicanopy, Florida

What they see instead are thousands of other unhappy people in vehicles creeping along on multi-lane highways.   They see hundreds of ugly billboards on both sides of the highway as they lurch along with other cars all in a hurry.

Sometimes they can’t even use their cruise control because traffic is stop and go.  The one finger salute has become the universal language of the crowded Florida highway.


Not many years ago, the family ride was a tradition in much of America, including Florida.  Mom and Dad and the kids would pile into the car or station wagon and just ride around. 

Sculpture of the Family Ride by Guillermo ForchinoFamily Ride by Guillermo Forchino

People believed a car was for pleasure, not just a machine to get them to work or run errands.  They were not going anywhere in particular.  It was just a ride to see new sights usually within few miles of their homes. 

A lot of these rides were on Sunday afternoons after church.  It was called “the Sunday drive”, and it was a part of American culture for most of the twentieth century

The pleasure was in the ride itself, not in the destination.  In fact, there were usually no destinations unless you count stopping at an ice cream store or drive in for a treat.

This ride was not on the busy interstates or toll roads.  It was on the roads less traveled because you were not in a big hurry.

The fun was in the anticipation and excitement of seeing a hill ahead and wondering what you will see on the other side.  What kind of new and interesting cars you might see, people you might wave at or toot a friendly honk on the horn. 

Along the Atlantic Ocean Near Sunny Isles FloridaAlong the Atlantic Ocean Near Sunny Isles, Florida 1920s

You slowed down to look at interesting old homes, historic markers, cows in a field, lakes, rivers, trees.  Your joy was in what you were seeing, not just driving to get somewhere.  You were not in a hurry.  You just wanted to enjoy the pleasure of the ride.

That ride is what this Florida travel guide is all about.  It is loaded with maps and suggestions for scenic drives, and none of these suggestions involve traveling on the interstate.

If you do want your ride to go somewhere, if the destination is important, then we have you covered there too.

This website is your Florida travel guide.  Its pages are loaded with information on day trips, road trips, towns, festivals, tourist attractions, lodging, Florida history, heritage, and culture. Hundreds of maps are provided with clearly marked routes.


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