I am one of thousands of Floridians who were either born in the state or have lived here for most of our lives.  The rapid population growth and unchecked development of the past half century have left us bewildered and saddened for the Florida we feel we have lost.  

Woman sitting in chair with laptop, and the background is Walter Boardman Lane in Volusia County, FloridaA Canopied Lane in Volusia County, Florida

We remember the way it was and wish it were still the same.  We know that can never be, so I created this website to help you find the places that still have that “Old Florida” feeling. 

I hope our new residents and tourists will also enjoy learning about the state.  


  • Scenic drives through Old Florida towns, attractions, parks and more along the route.  Maps for each drive.

  • Thousands of photographs and vintage postcards showing historic scenes of Old Florida.

  • Florida pioneers, authors, history, culture, and Florida Cracker Restaurants and recipes.

  • Small inns and lodging that capture the essence of Old Florida.

  • Day trips to match the theme of your interest and your location.

Enjoy browsing this website by using the drop-down tabs at the top of the page, using the search bar, or going to our site map that shows all 500 plus pages and articles.  I know you will find many things that interest you.

This short video will give you an idea of some of the things we cover in this website.

Recent Articles

  1. The Okeechobee Waterway: From the Atlantic to the Gulf

    Apr 07, 20 06:28 PM

    The Okeechobee Waterway stretches 154 miles from near Stuart, Florida to the Gulf of Mexico at Fort Myers. The trip takes you through old Florida.

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  2. Two Egg, Florida: Birthplace of a Hollywood Legend

    Apr 07, 20 03:11 PM

    Two Egg is an unincorporated in Northwest Florida near Georgia and Alabama. A famous actress was born near here.

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  3. Florida Back Roads Travel Site Map

    Apr 07, 20 01:11 PM

    Florida Back Roads Travel site map shows all of the website pages so you can find your way around.

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  4. Umatilla, Florida: Memories of Citrus and Beauty Queen

    Apr 07, 20 01:08 PM

    Umatilla, Florida is a small town that was once the capital of one of the largest ctirus growing and processing areas in the USA.

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  5. Road Trip Old Florida Towns on US-17 from Georgia to Punta Gorda

    Apr 07, 20 10:39 AM

    US-17 is known as the Coastal Highway. In Florida, it runs from the Georgia state line southwest along the state to Punta Gorda.

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  6. Fort Meade, Florida. Stonewall Jackson Slept Here

    Apr 06, 20 04:38 PM

    Fort Meade, Florida is the oldest town in Polk County, Florida. It was established during the Seminole Wars.

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  7. 10 Safest Cities in Florida

    Apr 06, 20 02:12 PM

    The 10 safest cities in Florida as determined by the National Council for Home Safety and Security.

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  8. Famous Floridians in History

    Apr 06, 20 01:41 PM

    Famous Floridians include pioneers and historic figures. Not so much modern people, though they are important too.

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  9. A One Page History of Florida

    Apr 06, 20 01:21 PM

    Florida history from early Native Americans to World War Two and the post war boom.

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  10. Hillsboro Inlet: Florida'a Barefoot Mailman and Pompano Beach

    Apr 06, 20 12:18 PM

    Hillsboro Inlet, Florida connects the Intracoastal Waterway to the Atlantic Ocean near Pompano Beach

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Mike Miller, Florida Author and owner of  Florida Backroads Travel


Mike Miller has lived in Florida since 1960. He graduated as a civil engineer from the University of Florida and has lived and worked in most areas of the state.  His love of Florida is reflected in the pages of this website. Mike is the author of 25 books.  Many of the books are about Florida and can be previewed or purchased at Amazon.

Mike has logged more than 2,000,000 miles in 37 different vehicles on the Florida back roads

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