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Millions of people visit Florida every year and never really see it.  They travel down to the state to Orlando or Tampa or Miami on the Interstate or Turnpike and are missing the real Florida.

I-95 in Miami on a Good Day When Traffic is Moving

What they see is a crowded multi‑lane highway slashing through the woods and swamps with billboards on both sides promoting theme parks, souvenirs and smiling lawyers.

Every interchange seems to have the same gas stations, chain restaurants and tourist traps. It all the same scenery.

These Interstate travelers miss the other Florida: the serene place of natural wonders, historic sites and towns that have somehow escaped the frantic growth.

That takes a bit more time and a handy guide such as Florida Backroads Travel.

Fork in the Road in Citrus County

The first Interstate highways in Florida didnʹt begin to rear their ugly heads until the early 1960s, and I was lucky to live here when all travel around the state was on the back roads.

I created Florida Backroads Travel to tell you about those roads less traveled and guide you along the way.

This website is loaded with information on day trips you will enjoy, and maps are provided with routes clearly marked for you so you can enjoy the back roads without getting lost.

Mural in Hollywood, Florida

You will visit small towns and hear a bit about their history and will also be told about festivals, wineries, museums, heritage sites, beaches, parks, smaller attractions and quaint local restaurants and authentic old Florida inns.

New and updated articles are added to the website every day.

Naples Botanical Gardens

The website also has a section with about 250 attractions based on themes of interest.

Examples include museums, botanical gardens, outdoor adventures, Seminole culture, and many others.

Please dig around in this website to your heart's content.  You will unearth countless treasures.

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Mike Miller has lived in Florida since 1960. He graduated as a civil engineer from the University of Florida and has lived and worked in most areas of the state.  He has a love of Old Florida that is reflected in the pages of this website. Mike is the author of 18 separate Florida travel books that can be previewed or purchased at Amazon.

Mike has logged more than 2,000,000 miles in a variety of vehicles on the Florida back roads


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