BY  Mike Miller Updated January 23, 2023

The rapid population growth and unchecked development of the past half century have left us long time Floridians bewildered and saddened for the Florida we have lost. 

Groveland Marian GardensMarian Gardens Near Groveland, Florida

It is still the Sunshine State with beautiful beaches, the theme parks of Orlando, and the natural beauty of our wonderful state park system as well as Everglades National Park. 

But our state has changed and seems to be changing faster every year. 

We remember the way it was and wish it were still the same.  We know that can never be, so I created this website to help you find the places that still have that “Old Florida” feeling. 

You just have to know how to get off the beaten path and enjoy the quiet places that still exist.


Florida State Road Maps, one for each of the state's 8 geographic regions and one large one in PDF format than can be zoomed in for detail or printed.

Individual PDF maps of all 67 Florida counties with major and minor roads and features with zoom for detail for printing


Florida Day Trips Within 100 miles of Pensacola, Tallahassee, Jacksonville, Gainesville, Orlando, The Villages, Tampa, and South Florida

Florida Day Trips By Theme of Interest such as Museums, Outdoor Adventure, Nature Centers, Car Museums, Lighthouses, and Parks.

Road Trips: Short and Long Scenic Drives for all 8 geographic regions of Florida with towns, maps, descriptions of towns and more.

Maps and Places along the 120 mile long stretch of the Florida Keys. Places to stay, eat, camp, and enjoy attractions.Tiki Bars, Webcams, and more.

More than 250 towns and cities, large and small. History, things to do, places to stay, dining, real estate, and interactive maps.

The Best Beaches in Florida for bathing, chilling, shelling, with information for all coastal regions and even a couple of inland spots.

A One Page History of Florida includes a timeline of significant events from indigenous people, through Spanish, British, USA, and Confederacy.

More than 200 Florida tourist attractions with something for every interest in all 8 geographic regions and location and admission information.

Fish camps are great places to experience old Florida. We have a directory of all camps in the state that we know about.

Nostalgia includes postcards, places that we loved and lost, citrus labels, lost tourist attractions. and tales of Old Florida from our readers.

Reviews of more than 200 restaurants around the state. Separate sections for ethnic food and Florida cracker restaurants.

Reviews of small inns and Mom and Pop type places we have stayed in all of Florida's geographical regions.

A directory of every single campsite that we can think of in the state of Florida. From tent camping to full service sites.

Lake Louisa Camping Cabin

A separate section about the camping cabins available at several Florida State parks with almost all the comforts of home.

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