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This Florida travel guide helps you navigate a state that is changing culturally and geographically faster than any other in the USA.  The population has increased from 5 million in 1960 to almost 22 million in 2019.

Along the Atlantic Ocean Near Sunny Isles FloridaAlong the Atlantic Ocean Near Sunny Isles, Florida 1920s

This means that millions of people who live in Florida and other millions who visit every year have never really seen the state the way it was not so long ago.

They travel on the Interstates or Turnpike and miss the old Florida.

What they see is a crowded multi‑lane highway slashing through the woods and swamps with ugly billboards on both sides.

These travelers miss the other Florida: the serene place of natural wonders, historic sites and towns that have somehow escaped the frantic growth.

That takes a bit more time and a handy guide such as Florida-Back-Roads-Travel.

The pages of this website are loaded with information on day trips, road trips, towns, attractions, and Florida history and culture. Maps are provided with clearly marked routes.

New and updated articles are added to the website every day.  Enjoy yourself as you travel through off the beaten path Florida.

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    When Ziba King died in 1901 he reportedly owned 50,000 head of cattle worth $500,000. This represented 10 percent of all the cattle in Florida. He was

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