NOTE:  Hurricanes Ian and Nicole in September and November 2002 have done extensive damage to many places in Florida.  If you are traveling, please check your destination in advance to make sure they are open for business.

BY  Mike Miller Updated November 11,  2022

The rapid population growth and unchecked development of the past half century have left us long time Floridians bewildered and saddened for the Florida we have lost. 

Mount Dora Donnelly House in Christmas SeasonMount Dora Donnelly House in Christmas Season

It is still the Sunshine State with beautiful beaches, the theme parks of Orlando, and the natural beauty of our wonderful state park system as well as Everglades National Park. 

But our state has changed and seems to be changing faster every year. 

We remember the way it was and wish it were still the same.  We know that can never be, so I created this website to help you find the places that still have that “Old Florida” feeling. 

You just have to know how to get off the beaten path and enjoy the quiet places that still exist.


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