BY  Mike Miller Updated January 6, 2024

The rapid population growth and unchecked development of the past half century have left us long time Floridians saddened for the Florida we have lost. 

Marian Gardens Gallery

Our state seems to be changing faster every year. We remember the way it was and wish it were still the same.  Since that can never be, we created this website to help you find off the beaten path places that still have that “Old Florida” feeling. 

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  1. LaBelle Florida: Home Of The Swamp Cabbage Festival

    Jul 21, 24 09:50 AM

    LaBelle, Florida is one of the most culturally southern towns in Southwest Florida. In recent years its agriculture has attracted many Mexican workers.

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  2. Stuart, Florida: Sailfish Capital of the World

    Jul 21, 24 09:20 AM

    Stuart, Florida is on the Treasure Coast on the Atlantic. Along with its neighbor, Port Salerno, it is a fishing and boating paradise.

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  3. 101 Famous Floridians: They Had An Impact on the State

    Jul 20, 24 06:03 PM

    Famous Floridians include pioneers and historic figures who helped shape the state before they passed away.

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  4. The Charles Hosmer Morse Museum of American Art

    Jul 20, 24 05:23 PM

    Hosmer Morse Exterior
    The Charles Hosmer Morse Museum of American Art is located on Park Avenue in Winter Park, Florida and is a treasure chest of American art.

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  5. 5 Florida Lighthouses You Can Visit By Car

    Jul 19, 24 09:36 AM

    This road trip includes 5 lighthouses. One of them is the only official inland lighthouse in Florida.

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  6. Fort Pierce, Florida. Historic City on the Indian River

    Jul 18, 24 10:44 AM

    Fort Pierce Inlet
    Fort Pierce, Florida is a city on both the Indian River and Atlantic Ocean. It's downtown has a revitalized waterfront and marina as the focus of the city.

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  7. The Villages Florida: Friendliest Home Town?

    Jul 17, 24 12:57 PM

    The Villages Florida advertises itself as Florida's friendliest hometown. Who can argue that? But is it really a town?

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  8. Temple Terrace, Florida: God, Golf and Billy Graham

    Jul 17, 24 09:22 AM

    Temple Terrace Florida is a small city on the edge of Tampa. Billy Graham went to college there.

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  9. Anna Maria, Florida: Beach Town at the End Of The Road

    Jul 16, 24 09:54 AM

    Anna Maria Florida Postcard
    Anna Maria,Florida is the northernmost town on Anna Maria Island on Florida's Gulf coast. It is popular because of its famous white sand beaches.

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  10. Best Paces To Go Tubing In Florida

    Jul 15, 24 09:37 AM

    Woman Enjoying Tubing
    The best places to go tubing in Florida include Ichetucknee Springs, Rainbow Springs, Rock Springs, Ginnie Springs and others.,

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