Roderick Billette is alive and well and lives in Mount Dora, Florida.  He is a Florida native who was born and raised in Lake County, and writes adventure stories and novels.  Some of this work is in the Southern Gothic genre.  He believes God is happiest when we have the faith and courage to live our dreams.

Roderick BilletteRoderick Billette

Volcanoes spew magma for release—Roderick spews words.

In both instances there is no choice, pressure builds on the inside and is forced to the surface where the profundity of the mountain and the man are revealed.

Expelled with great force, no regard is given to the consequence of the flow—only that it must flow one word upon another and another until that unique force has emptied its visceral churn from the belly of the man; leaving only truth, sharper than a steel scalpel; cold and hard and unyielding.

Roderick has always been a writer, but has also worn other cloaks in his life. He has been an underground utility contractor, a foliage nursery owner and more recently a swimming pool contractor, before returning to his first love, writing.

He tried his hand as a music producer a few years ago and had the privilege of working on two albums with the very talented group,  Macha Gray. His guitar has been a constant companion through thick and thin and has helped him write song lyrics for over forty years, as can be attested by the foot-high folder on his desk.  On occasion, he has even been brave enough (crazy enough) to dabble in poetry.

Roderick’s hobbies include jumping from a perfectly good airplane, horseback riding, a boat with tall sails, and exploring a coral reef, with a tank on his back. These simple things make him happy beyond belief.

His hometown is Mount Dora, Florida (he didn’t get very far) and he is a member of the Mount Dora High School Class of 1970.  After high school, he was shipped off to Clemson University where everyone involved tried, with great patience and fortitude—and without great success—to educate him.

He has had a fortunate and blessed  life, with two fabulous, professional children and four beautiful grandchildren.  He was lately blessed again when he was invited by Writers One Flight Up, to join their group and grow as a writer.

He is currently working on his fourth novel, a fast paced thriller entitled “A Murder of Wolves".  A book of short stores and poetry is also in the wings.

Roderick’s books include the following:

  1. Reunion (2017)
  2. Beginnings (2017)
  3. The Diary of Dakotah Johnson (2017)

All of his books are available at Amazon, and you can learn more about them there or on his website,


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