Florida Vintage Road Maps

Florida was the smallest state in population in the Confederate States of America at the time of the Civil War.

Growth was very slow in the decades up until World War Two.  Florida had 1,900,000 people.  That number has now swollen to an estimated 21,310,000 in 2018.

The state's transportation routes began with Spanish and Native American trails, rivers, and streams.  These evolved into wagon roads and railroads and finally paved roads for cars.

The tremendous growth in Florida (it's been growing by at least one thousand people a day for years) has put a constant strain on the local and regional road network.

This web page is an interesting way to track the growth of the Sunshine State.

Many of these map images are from the Florida State Archives.  Credit to the source is given on each image.  You can use your browser to zoom in for a closer look.

Tanner's Florida Map 1833 - Florida Memory

Colton's Map, 1868 - Florida Memory

Florida 1890 - Florida Memory

Florida 1900 - Florida Memory

Best Roads of Florida 1915 - Florida Memory

Florida 1917 - Florida Memory

Florida 1921 - Florida Memory

Florida 1923 - Florida Memory

Best Roads of Florida 1927 - Florida Memory

Standard Guide Florida 1928 - Florida Memory

Florida 1929 - Florida Memory

Florida 1930 - Florida Memory

Florida 1946 - Florida Memory

Florida Turnpike 1964 - Florida Memory

Cross Florida Barge Canal 1971 - Florida Memory

Florida 2018

More information about the images from Florida Memory can be found at Florida Memory State Library & Archives of Florida.


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