Key West, Florida

Updated February 9, 2021

Alligator border postcards are very collectible and getting harder to find each year. 

Floridians have learned to live with alligators.  They are ubiquitous in our golf courses, residential ponds, canals, and as the University of Florida's "Fightin' Gators" mascots, Albert and his "wife" Alberta.

12 Alligator Border Key West Postcards12 Alligator Border Key West Postcards

I have a large collection of postcards.  I began with the real thing, both new and used.  My collection includes mainly cards that were printed before I moved here in 1960.

My personal collection includes very few alligator border post cards, however, because of their rarity. 

I found a collection of 165 such cards on the internet and downloaded them to share with you.

We believe the originals of these postcards were printed in Germany and date back to 1908 when there were very few large cities in Florida.

This page includes 12 alligator postcards of various scenes in Key West.

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