Brevard Good Ole Boys

by Mike Miller
(Mount Dora, Florida)

Brevard Good Ole Boys

Brevard Good Ole Boys

Viera is a sprawling Brevard County planned development located between Rockledge and Melbourne on both sides of I-95. Thousands of people live in the community today, in 2019.

There are huge shopping malls, national brand restaurants, a stadium, and more.

The Brevard County Government Center was the first major facility built out there. It was followed soon by the School Board office facility.

The County staff and most commissioners felt that Viera would one day be the population center of the County.

The land was mostly pasture, however, when the center was built.

The book "Brevard Good Ole Boys" was published in 1992. It criticized the way the County Commission financed it without getting the approval of County voters.

The authors of the book and detractors of the project called it "The Cow Palace."

Now it's in the heart of a huge population center. And so goes Florida!

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