Gone But Not Forgotten

September 18, 2021

By  Mike Miller 

A favorite scenic back road trip for bikers, cyclists, and motorists is the Ormond Scenic Loop and Trail.  I have been driving this route since the 1960s and never get tired of it.

Cobb's Corner on Highbridge Road North of OrmondCobb's Corner on Highbridge Road North of Ormond

I still take the northern portion of this loop when I'm headed to Flagler Beach for lunch at Snack Jack.

As the name suggests, this route begins in Ormond Beach and proceeds north on the west side of the river, then east to the ocean, and back to Ormond on the east side of the river.  

There is also a double leg of the loop along the ocean.

A favorite stop for a snack or a cold drink in the old days was Cobb's Corner.  

It was in an old building on the corner where Highbridge Road takes a sharp 90 degree turn.

Map of Ormond Scenic Loop & TrailMap of Ormond Scenic Loop & Trail
Ormond Scenic Loop & Trail

The building was originally a fish camp built sometime in the 1930s.

Somewhere along the line, Dick Cobb bought the building and it became known as Cobb's Corner.

A Postcard View of Scene Similar to Highbridge RoadA Postcard View of Scene Similar to Highbridge Road

The establishment went out of business in 1976, but the building remained at the corner for years.

I believe it was finally torn down in 2007, but it remains standing in the memories of Florida back roads travelers.

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