Florida murals adorn the building walls in many of the state's small towns and some larger cities.  

The first murals I remember noticing were in Lake Placid in the early 1990s.  The downtown area was transformed into something special by the many murals covering the walls of previously drab buildings.  Today Lake Placid has more than 40 murals.

In the years I've been traveling in Florida, I have noticed an ever increasing number of towns that proudly display this art.  In many cases, local artists are encouraged to produce murals that feature highlights of a town's history.

The art work inevitably brighten up the areas where they are located and make it hard to be gloomy when you are around them.

There are so many towns that have murals I can't list them all, but here are some examples (in alphabetical order).  More towns are adding murals and this list is just a start.  One of the links at the bottom of this web page will take you to some websites that feature more murals.

Click the mural photo for more information on the town.

Dunedin, Florida MuralDunedin, Florida

Hernando Beach, Florida

More Information about Florida Murals

Murals on Florida Buildings  is a web page is part of a larger site maintained by Dale J. Travis that specializes in information on round barns and covered bridges.  It appears that somewhere along the line he decided to add information about "pictures on buildings."

Although his website covers all states, he has an extensive list of buildings in Florida with art and murals.  His database currently features 65 Florida towns and hundreds of murals.

It's easy to spend a day just enjoying the information on his web page.

Mural Trail is an organization that has designed a  website that connects Florida mural lovers with the towns and cities that feature this kind of art.  The site has an interactive map where you can click on an icon and be taken to resources that feature information on murals at that location.

The typical resource is a local mural organization that keeps its information current and maintains a photo gallery of the murals in their location as well as other features of interest.

Trip Advisor Review of Lake Placid Murals shows you what previous visitors think about the murals in Lake Placid, Florida.

Guide to Lake Wales Murals is a website with photos and information about the more than 20 murals in Lake Wales, Florida.

St Pete Mural Tour has an interactive map and photos of the many murals in St. Petersburg, Florida.

VisitFlorida is a tourist promotion organization funded by the State of Florida and local tourism organizations.  This web page is a guide to the murals and paintings in some of Florida's small towns.


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