World Famous Hot Dogs Steamed in Beer

By  Mike Miller  Updated January 1, 2022

Lum's was a restaurant chain that specialized in hot dogs steamed in beer. 

The chain was started in 1956 in Miami Beach and at its peak in 1972 had over 400 company owned and franchised stores in the United States, Puerto Rico, and Europe.

Lum's In A Publix Shopping CenterLum's In A Publix Shopping Center

The chain was so successful and profitable that in 1969 it purchased Caesars Palace, the 500 room hotel and casino in Las Vegas.

Lum's RestaurantLum's Restaurant

In 1971, John Y. Brown, who was chairman of Kentucky Fried Chicken, put some investors together and bought Lum's food operations.

Lum's Beer Steamed Hot DogsLum's Beer Steamed Hot Dogs

Brown and his investors sold Lum's in 1978 to a Swiss holding company that was forced to file for bankruptcy in 1982.

Lum's MenuLum's Menu

Shortly after this many company owned Lum's locations began to close and franchisees filed for bankruptcy as well.

The last Lum's in Florida I remember was in Dania and closed in 2009.

A Typical Lum's RestaurantA Typical Lum's Restaurant

There is a Facebook group called Lum's Beach.  This beach is on State Road A1A in Satellite Beach, Florida. 

The group shares photos of themselves surfing and swimming at the beautiful white sand beach.

Lum's Beach LadyLady From Lum's Beach Facebook Page

I wonder how many of the group know the name came from the Lum's restaurant that stood on the ocean side of A1A for many years.

Lum's Satellite Beach 1960sLum's Satellite Beach 1960s

As far as I know, there are no more Lum's standing in Florida and maybe not in the Unites States as well.

The last time I saw one was a glimpse of it in the 2019 movie "The Irishman."

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