By  Mike Miller  Updated February 17, 2023

Renninger's Mount Dora twin markets make a great destination for the entire family.  The sights, sounds and smells are always fun even if you don't make a purchase.

Renningers Indoor Antique Market EntranceRenningers Indoor Antique Market Entrance


Mount Dora is a small city located about 30 miles northwest of Orlando in the hills and lakes of well named named Lake County

Renningers Street of ShopsRenningers Street of Shops

Renninger's is located on U.S. Highway 441 on the east side of Mount Dora.  The markets are on 117 acres of gently rolling land with many old oak trees draped with Spanish Moss.

There are two separate markets:  Renninger's Antique Center on the south side, and Renninger's Flea Market on the north side.  There is plenty of parking at both markets as well as in between.

Admission is free to both the antique center and the flea market.


The indoor antique center is in a 40,000 square foot air conditioned building.  The center has more than 180 separate booths staffed by friendly owners and filled with antiques of every imaginable kind.

Renninger's Indoor Antique CenterRenninger's Indoor Antique Center

There is also a consignment area in the indoor antique center with display cases of antiques and collectibles for sale by various Central Florida antique dealers.

Renninger's Indoor Antique CenterRenninger's Indoor Antique Center

Some of the permanent antique dealers within the center also have offerings in these display cases.

Renninger's Indoor Antique Center Street of ShopsRenninger's Street of Shops

In the outside area surrounding the indoor antique center is what is called the "Street of Shops." 

These are individual small buildings connected by scenic paths and filled with antiques and merchandise.

Renninger's Indoor Antique Center Street of ShopsRenninger's Street of Shops

All of the shops within the indoor antique center, the consignment center and the Street of Shops are open:

Every Friday, 10 am to 4 pm, and

Every Saturday and Sunday, 9 am to 5 pm


Renninger's Flea and Farmer's market is on the north side of the property within walking distance of the Indoor Antique Center.

There are hundreds of independent dealers in this market that sell a wide variety of products. 

You can find clothing, pets, pet supplies, ornamental plants, foliage, collectibles, jewelry, fresh produce, fresh meat and much more.

Renninger's Indoor Flea MarketRenninger's Indoor Flea Market

There are also food booths where you can buy freshly prepared meals and eat them in tables provided nearby.

The indoor flea market is in an air conditioned building with over 100 booths. 

The outside pavilions provide another 400 spaces, and other dealers are even out in the open air.

Renninger's Street of ShopsRenninger's Street of Shops

Renninger's Flea and Farmer's Markets are open:

Every Saturday and Sunday, 8 am to 4 pm

Renninger's Antique Center is open:

Friday 10 am to 4 pm
Saturday and Sunday, 9 am to 4 pm


Renninger's is always a busy place.  There are special events throughout the year.  Some of these take place more than once during the year. 

  • Guitars and Cars
  • Renninger's Yard Sale Summer
  • Fall in the Field
  • Florida Military Collector Show
  • Steampunk & Industrial Show
  • Holiday Market
  • Antiques and Collector's Extravaganza

The Extravaganza takes place three times a year, usually in January, February and March.  The events always run on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. 

Nearly 800 dealers from all  over the country come to set up in the open show field, in the indoor antique center and under the pavilions.

Admission is charged for the Extravaganza.  You can get a Friday ticket for $10, Saturday for $6, Sunday for $4, or a three day pass for $15.

All dealers open at 8 am during the Extravaganza.

You will discover each time you visit Renninger's it is slightly different from the last time you visited.  Vendors change, antiques come in and out.  It is always a new adventure no matter how often you visit.

For more information, see Renninger's Mount Dora Website.

For more information about Mount Dora, Florida on this website.


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