By  Mike Miller  Updated March 8, 2022

The Wausau Possum Festival takes place every year in a village of 400 people in Northwest Florida.  It usually takes place on the first weekend in August.

The have been having this festival for more than 50 years and it attracts up to 10,000 visitors who fill the streets of this small town.

One year the festival was attended by then Florida Governor Rick Scott.

The Main Attraction at the Wausau Possum FestivalThe Main Attraction at the Wausau Possum Festival

The event starts with a pancake breakfast and then the "Possum Trot, a 5k run for people not possums.

They have a possum parade, a possum auction and cap off the busy day with a square dance.

Wausau Possum MonumentWausau Possum Monument

They have cross-cut sawing contests, sack races and greasy pole climbing contests so you can see there is something for everybody.

Needless to say, every year some lovely lady is elected "Miss Possum Day" after a beauty pageant on Saturday evening a week before the Possum Festival itself.

Possums who are in the festival are released into the wild after the "Possum Auction", and no possums are abused or injured during the event.

More information at www.WausauPossumFestival.com


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