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Tarpon Springs is a small city of about 25,000 people on Florida's west coast about 30 miles northwest of Tampa

It has the highest percentage of Greek-American citizens of any city in the United States.

Tarpon Springs View From Bridge
Tarpon Springs View
Photographic Destinations by Bob Kyle

The main north-south thoroughfare is Alternate US-19, known locally as Pinellas Avenue.

The historic sponge dock area is a popular tourist attraction located along the Anclote River west of Pinellas Avenue.

Boat alongside dock in Tarpon SpringsDockside at Tarpon Springs
Bob Kyle

It is also a working waterfront that's home to the remaining sponge boats and the large fleet of shrimpers.

The area south of the river between the sponge docks and the Gulf of Mexico is bayou country.

Vintage Postcard Tarpon SpringsVintage Postcard Tarpon Springs

Several arms that branch off the main river give the city its unique look and many charming waterfront neighborhoods.

They call these water bodies "bayous" here in Tarpon Springs.

Tarpon Springs Fishing FleetTarpon Springs Fishing Fleet
Image by Mike Miller

John Cheyney founded the first sponge business in Tarpon Springs in the 1880s and it provided quite a few jobs for the local economy. 

The sponges were harvested off the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico using surface boats and long poles to bring up the sponges.

In 1905 John Cocoris came to town and introduced sponge diving to the industry.

This deep sea diving technique used a special suit and a diving helmet with air pumped in from a compressor on the boat.

Vintage Postcard Early Tarpon Springs DiverVintage Postcard Early Tarpon Springs Diver

He brought in divers from Greece and the sponge industry soon became one of the biggest businesses in Florida and required more and more divers.

Many of the original divers came from the Dodecanese Islands of Kalymnos, Symi and Halki.

The street that runs along the sponge docks on the river is named Dodecanese Boulevard. 

Tarpon Springs Diver Statue

The area along the sponge docks is an interesting tourist destination with hundreds of shops, bakeries, restaurants and other businesses with mostly Greek themes.

Tarpon Springs, Dodecanese Boulevard

It somehow comes off as more than your average Florida tourist trap because of its sprinkling of museums, statues, plaques and other reminders of the area's unique history.

Not only that, the locals are abundant in the neighborhood and you will hear a lot of Greek being spoken.

Hellas Bakery and RestaurantHellas Bakery and Restaurant
Bob Kyle

It's a great place to have appetizers at one restaurant, then another appetizer at a second and an entree at a third, followed by baked goods and wine or coffee at yet another.

There is something for everyone on Dodecanese Boulevard - even an abundance of sponges.

Tarpon Springs, Annecy House

There is an entirely different world when you get a few blocks away from the sponge docks and Dodecanese Boulevard.

Tarpon Springs has done a great job of preserving many of its historic homes and institutional buildings.

Tarpon Springs Historical SocietyTarpon Springs Historical Society
Bob Kyle

It's fun spending most of a day just wandering around the streets in the bayou country on the south side of the Anclote River.

An interesting stop is the beautiful St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Cathedral at 36 North Pinellas Avenue. 

The architectural style is Neo-Byazantine, and the main building was completed in 1943 when the original wooden church built in 1907 became to small for the congregation.

The interior is beautiful with a domed ceiling featuring 23 stained glass windows.  

Although there are many new homes on the bayous, the city has established several historic districts within the city limits and you will see many well preserved old buildings.

Tarpon Springs, Old High School

Several sites in Tarpon Springs are listed on the National Register of Historic Places, including the Old Tarpon Springs High School and the Old Tarpon Springs City Hall.

Tarpon Springs Downtown AreaTarpon Springs Downtown Area
Flickr/Jeff Miller

There is a vibrant downtown area several blocks south of the sponge docks along Tarpon Avenue for a few blocks east of Pinellas Avenue.



628 Dodecanese Boulevard
Tarpon Springs, Florida 34689
Tel: 727-934-4306

Mykonos Authentic Greek CookeryMykonos Authentic Greek Cookery

Mykonos is a small Greek restaurant across the street from the sponge docks on Dodecanese Boulevard.

The restaurant has its own parking lot and that will save you the typical $5 parking fee that most tourists who visit the busy sponge dock area have to pay.

The restaurant is often crowded but don't let that scare you away. The wait is usually reasonably short.

The dining room is divided into two areas, one with windows and one without. The room without windows is adjacent to the partially open kitchen and you can see the cooking crew busy at work getting your meal ready.

The menu includes the items you expect to see in a Greek restaurant including gyros, stuffed grape leaf, spinach pie, cheese pie, fried calamari, mousaka, keftedes, Greek sausage and many lamb, beef, pork and chicken entrees.

If it's Greek, I'm pretty sure you'll find it on the menu.

Mykonos Authentic Greek CookeryMykonos Authentic Greek Cookery

This is not a fancy restaurant and you will not feel out of place in your tourist tee shirt, shorts and flip flops. This is not just a tourist place, however. It's obvious that the locals eat here too.

You will hear the customers speaking Greek to the wait staff and the owner. I love a Greek restaurant that Greek people also love.

I had beef on my mind when I stopped in for lunch so I ordered keftedes. These are small ground beef and lamb patties or meatballs spiced with pepper, garlic, mint, and onion.

Dolmades, Stuffed Grape LeavesDolmades, Stuffed Grape Leaves

I had mine charbroiled and the patties were delicious. The small salad and fresh bread (with butter) served before the main entree were just right and very tasty and fresh.

Stuffed grape leaves (domades) are one of my favorite Greek tidbits, so I had a few of them too.  They were great.

The owner was on hand seating people and chatting with customers. I think he was speaking Greek to some of the customers. At least it was Greek to me.

Mykonos is open 7 days a week from 1100 am to 1000 pm.


Movie Poster Beneath the 12 Mile ReefMovie Poster Beneath the 12 Mile Reef

"Beneath the 12 Mile Reef" is a 1953 movie available on YouTube that features great scenery of Tarpon Springs and Key West during that time period. 

It stars Robert Wagner, Terri Moore, Richard Boone, Peter Graves, and others.  Not a great movie, but some interesting views of the towns.


Tarpon Springs Sponge Docks (Dodecanese Blvd): Explore the vibrant Tarpon Springs Sponge Docks along Dodecanese Boulevard, where you can immerse yourself in Greek culture, shop for sponges, enjoy authentic Greek cuisine, and take a boat tour to learn about the area's rich sponge diving history.

Fred Howard Park (1700 Sunset Dr): Spend a day at Fred Howard Park, a scenic coastal park offering sandy beaches, nature trails, picnic areas, and stunning views of the Gulf of Mexico, making it an ideal spot for swimming, sunbathing, kayaking, and birdwatching.

Tarpon Springs Heritage Museum (100 Beekman Ln): Discover the history and heritage of Tarpon Springs at the Tarpon Springs Heritage Museum, where fascinating exhibits, artifacts, and photographs shed light on the city's past, from its sponge industry to its Greek immigrant influence.

St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Cathedral (36 N Pinellas Ave): Visit the magnificent St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Cathedral, a stunning architectural gem that showcases intricate Byzantine-inspired design and offers a serene atmosphere for prayer, reflection, and appreciation of religious art.

Sunset Beach (1800 Gulf Rd): Enjoy a breathtaking sunset at Sunset Beach, a picturesque shoreline with soft sand, calm waters, and a relaxed ambiance, perfect for romantic strolls, beachcombing, or simply unwinding while taking in the stunning coastal vistas.

Tarpon Springs Aquarium (850 Dodecanese Blvd): Get up close to marine life at the Tarpon Springs Aquarium, where you can explore various exhibits showcasing fascinating creatures such as sharks, stingrays, turtles, and a diverse range of colorful fish.

Leepa-Rattner Museum of Art (600 Klosterman Rd): Immerse yourself in the world of art at the Leepa-Rattner Museum, featuring an impressive collection of modern and contemporary artworks, including pieces by Abraham Rattner and other notable artists.

Spongeorama Cruise Lines (510 Dodecanese Blvd): Embark on an exciting boat tour with Spongeorama Cruise Lines, where knowledgeable guides share the history and traditions of sponge diving while cruising along the beautiful waters of Tarpon Springs.

Tarpon Springs Performing Arts Center (324 Pine St): Catch a live performance at the Tarpon Springs Performing Arts Center, hosting a diverse range of shows including theater productions, musical concerts, dance performances, and comedy acts.

Tarpon Springs Farmers' Market (100 Tarpon Ave): Explore the Tarpon Springs Farmers' Market, held on Sundays at Tarpon Ave, where you can browse local vendors' offerings, including fresh produce, artisanal goods, baked treats, and unique crafts.


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