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Astor, Florida is an unincorporated village on State Road 40 as it crosses the St. Johns River.  It is on the west bank of the river in Lake County. Its population is about 1,425.

Astor Bridge in 1957

The unincorporated settlement along the east bank is in Volusia County and is officially known as Volusia.  Most folks call both sides of the river Astor.

Astor Bridge Across St. Johns River


The roots of modern day Astor go back to 1874 when William B. Astor, Jr. bought 12,000 acres of land along the river and named it Manhattan.

Astor was a descendant of the extremely wealthy John Jacob Astor, American's first multi-millionaire.

Early settlers in Manhattan came by steamboat down the St. Johns River. Astor built a church, school, and cemetery.  

He followed up with a sawmill and hotel and built the St. John's and Lake Eustis Railway to Eustis and Leesburg.

Floridian Inn, Astor, Florida

When William Astor died in 1892, the residents said to hell with the name of Manhattan and renamed the town Astor.  

Astor's children inherited the Florida land but had no interest in developing it, so the properties were sold.  

The expansion of the railroads in central Florida put a real crimp in steamboat travel on the St. Johns and the town began a quick decline.  

The last major construction in town was the bridge across the St Johns River in 1926.


Astor has a large network of man made canals that provides access to the St. Johns River for its many fishing oriented residents.  

The entire area called Astor is within the boundaries of the Ocala National Forest.

Drifters Riverfront Bar & GrillDrifters Riverfront Bar & Grill

A major attraction in Astor for years was the Blackwater Inn.  It was noted for its good seafood and great river views from the main dining room downstairs and Williams Landing on the second floor.

The restaurant changed hands and and has reopened under a new name, Drifters Riverfront Bar & Grill with McHenry's Pub on the Water replacing Williams Landing.

It is the headquarters for boat rentals and boat tours, and is near local lodging facilities.

Many Astor residents commute either west to the larger Lake County towns or east to the Daytona Beach area for their jobs.

The community also relies heavily on ecotourism and is a popular destination for fishermen, hunters and boaters.


Drifters Riverfront Bar and Grill
55716 Front St, Astor, FL 32102 | (352) 759-2802 

Start your adventure at one of our favorite haunts, Drifters Riverfront Bar and Grill, as mentioned above. Overlooking the St. Johns River, this casual restaurant offers a peaceful retreat.

Unwind on the riverfront balcony with a breathtaking sunset view or explore nearby trails. The cozy atmosphere and friendly staff make it a comfortable setting for your afternoon or evening.

Seafood, bar favorites, and drinks are available. There’s something for everyone here!  

Astor Bridge Marina and Motel
1575 W State Road 40, Astor, FL 32102 | (386) 749-4407 

For water enthusiasts, the Astor Bridge Marina and Motel is a must-visit. Dive into the aquatic wonders of the St. Johns River, rent a boat, or simply bask in the serene surroundings. The marina provides a safe and friendly environment for both seasoned sailors and novice boaters.

Cruise along the river, explore nearby springs, and witness the picturesque beauty that Astor has to offer. It's an aquatic adventure waiting to be explored. 

St. Johns River Tours
1575 W State Road 40, Astor, FL 32102 | (866) 349-0674 

Nature lovers, prepare to be enchanted by St. Johns River Tours. Embark on a journey through the untouched beauty of the river with knowledgeable guides. This eco-friendly tour offers a safe and educational experience, allowing you to witness local wildlife in their natural habitat.

From majestic manatees to colorful birds, every moment is a snapshot of Florida's diverse ecosystem. It's a chance to connect with nature in a way that's both educational and awe-inspiring. 

Lake George 
Astor, FL 

Lake George beckons recreational anglers and boaters alike with its shimmering expanse of water and endless fishing opportunities. Cast your line and reel in largemouth bass, catfish, and crappie.

If swimming is your thing, take a refreshing dip in the springs—Silver Glen Run, Juniper Spring, and Salt Springs—all within reach. Our favorite? The crystal-clear waters of Silver Glen Run, where you can snorkel and marvel at underwater wonders. Don’t forget your sunscreen and a sense of adventure!






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