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McIntosh is on U.S. Highway 441 about 20 miles south of Gainesville and about 6 miles south of Micanopy.  Its population is about 514.

Typical Street in McIntosh, FloridaTypical Street in McIntosh, Florida


The name of the town may come from an early planter named Col. John Houstoun McIntosh who owned a plantation in the area from the 1820s until it was destroyed by Seminole Indians during the Second Seminole War (1835-1842).

Citrus groves began to thrive in the area after the Civil War, and oranges were shipped via Orange Lake on the shore of McIntosh to Palatka on the St. Johns River.

Old Railroad Station in McIntoshOld Railroad Station in McIntosh

In 1881 the railroad came to town and McIntosh began to prosper as new markets were opened to citrus and vegetables shipped up North.  


Many of the houses in this town were built during this period of prosperity that began in the late 1800s. 

The material of choice was hard yellow pine, and the architecture is Florida Cracker, Gothic Revival, Queen Anne, and Bungalow.

Old Barn, McIntosh, FloridaOld Carriage House, McIntosh, Florida

You have to get off US Highway 441 and drive east a block or two to get into the old part of town with its historic old homes and buildings. 

When you do, you will see an authentic Old Florida village that is home and work place to real people, not a gentrified made up town like so many these days.

Historic House, McIntosh, FloridaHistoric House, McIntosh, Florida

The town was incorporated in 1913 and has remained pretty much the same since I first visited it in 1963. 

Residents say that it hasn't changed much in almost 100 years.  

The McIntosh Historic District is a U.S. historic district established in 1983. 

The district includes most of what you will see as you travel through the quiet streets of this town.  

Historic Neighborhood, McIntosh, FloridaHistoric Neighborhood, McIntosh, Florida

One of the 75 buildings included in this district is the McIntosh Presbyterian Church. 

It is an example of Carpenter Gothic Architecture.  It was built in 1907 and still serves an active congregation

McIntosh Presbyterian ChurchMcIntosh Presbyterian Church

The narrow quiet streets, many of them unpaved, are shaded from the Florida sun by centuries old live oak trees draped with Spanish Moss.

McIntosh, Florida Little Free Food Pantry

An unusual feature of McIntosh that tells you a lot about the people who live here is the "Little Free Food Pantry."

This mini pantry is located at the corner of Avenue F and Fourth Street.  Its purpose is to give people a way to help their neighbors.

McIntosh Little Free Food PantryMcIntosh Little Free Food Pantry

The system involves people placing food, hygiene products, paper goods and more inside the pantry.

Then other people take what they need.  It is a system of giving designed to help people who are down on their luck.

Its slogan is "Take What You Need, Leave What You Don't."

Anybody can take anything from the pantry with no questions asked.  The Little Free Food Pantry even has its own Facebook group.

Places to visit near McIntosh:

Evinston, Wood and Swink Store
Cross Creek


Antonio's Made In Italy
22050 North US Highway 441
Micanopy, Florida 32667
Tel: 352-591-4141

Antonios, Micanopy, FloridaAntonio's, Micanopy, Florida

Micanopy is a small and quiet little town, so it's somewhat of a surprise to find a restaurant as good as Antonio's four miles south of this historic country town and close to the village of McIntosh.  

It must be an Italian thing, because the minute you walk in here you feel like you're part of a big happy family.  Maybe this is because Antonio was born in Italy. 

This is a small intimate restaurant with only about fifty seats, so it's always recommended to make a  reservation.



McIntosh Historic District 
Avenue F, McIntosh, FL 32664 

Wander through the McIntosh Historic District, a treasure trove of Victorian-era architecture and lush landscapes. Our favorite activity? Strolling along Avenue F, lined with oak trees and historic homes that exude timeless charm.

Take your time to admire the intricate details of these well-preserved structures, each telling a unique story of McIntosh's past. It's like stepping into a living history book, where every corner reveals the town's rich heritage and the enduring beauty of its architecture. 

Van Ness Park
5835 Ave G, McIntosh, FL 32664. (352) 591-1047 

For a relaxing outdoor experience, visit Van Ness Park, a hidden oasis in McIntosh. Our favorite feature? The peaceful walking trails and the picturesque pond, perfect for a leisurely stroll or a quiet moment of reflection.

Pack a blanket and settle down in the shade of the majestic oak trees for a tranquil picnic. Whether you're a nature enthusiast or simply seeking a serene escape, Van Ness Park offers a peaceful retreat that perfectly complements McIntosh's easygoing vibe. 


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