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The Villages Florida is a master planned retirement community that sprawls over Sumter County, Lake County and Marion County along US-441/US-27 between Ocala and Leesburg, Florida.

The initial development was entirely in Sumter County and comprised about 5 square miles.  Expansion began quickly into the adjacent counties. 

In recent years it was designated a Metropolitan Statistical Area and is one of Florida's largest. It has an area of 32 square miles. It is one of the most successful retirement communities in the United States. 

Aerial View of The Villages FloridaAerial View of The Villages Florida Courtesy

It is about 68 miles northwest of Orlando International Airport and about 90 miles northeast of Tampa International Airport.

The Villages is bounded approximately on the east by US 27/US 441, on the west by US-301, on the north by County Road 42 and on the south by the Florida Turnpike. 

The boundaries keep expanding and new homes are constantly being built as new residents continue to move in.  According to one source, 2,452 new homes were built in 2020.

Sumter County Road 466 serves as the main east-west corridor, with Buena Vista Boulevard and Morse Boulevard serving as major north-south corridors.


Michigan businessman Harold Schwartz businessman, began selling land tracts via mail order in the area in the 1960's.

Not too long after, the laws were changed to prohibit selling real estate by mail.

Orange Blossom Gardens 1975Orange Blossom Gardens 1975

He then developed Orange Blossom Gardens, a manufactured home community, on the east side of US-27 near the town of Lady Lake. 

Mr. Schwartz liked buffalo, so in the early days of the development he kept a herd of about 100 of them on the grazing lands that would soon become The Villages.

Orange Blossom Gardens was modestly successful, but nobody could guess how successful his next move would turn out to be.

Harold SchwartzHarold Schwartz
Gary MorseGary Morse

The Villages began to develop in earnest in the 1980s when Schwartz brought in his son, H. Gary Morse,  to run the operation.

Harold Schwartz's Buffalo HerdHarold Schwartz's Buffalo Herd

Morse had a gift for understanding what active retirees were looking for in a lifestyle, and he made sure The Villages had those factors.  

He decided to focus on retired people that enjoyed an active lifestyle.

He was wildly successful, and The Villages has altered forever the travel pattern in this part of the state.  Mr. Morse was active in the community until his death in October 2014.

The Villages had about 139,822 people according to a March 2021 estimate, and most experts predict the population will continue to increase until there are no more lots to sell or nearby land to develop.

The population in the 2000 census was only 8,333, so it is obvious that people are attracted to the community in overwhelming numbers.

Most of them consider it to be one of the best places they have ever lived.


Most of The Villages Florida is an "adults only" community where homes must be occupied by at least one person who is 55 years of age or older.

Persons under the age of 19 years are not permitted to reside within The Villages but may visit for a maximum of 30 days per year.

There are three subdivisions in The Villages which are designated as family units and are not subject to this restriction.

There is also a Villages Charter School for children who have a parent working for The Villages.

The Villages at Lake Sumter LandingLake Sumter Landing at The Villages Florida

I know many people who live in The Villages, and all of them love the place. Most of them are active retirees who came down from up north, and most of them are very conservative both socially and politically.

I personally don't know any native Floridians who live in The Villages, although I am sure there must be some. Its appearance has made it become the quintessential "Anywhere, USA".

The Villages Florida LighthouseThe Villages Lighthouse at Lake Sumter Landing

If you were to be brought there blindfolded and then allowed to see it, you'd think you were in any one of a number of southern states.

The only thing "Florida" about The Villages is the climate, the golf courses, and its proximity to Walt Disney World about 60 miles away.


There are 78 different communities in The Villages Florida.  Each community is called a village, and their number is constantly growing. 

People who live in The Villages often identify themselves to other villagers by naming the individual Villages community they live in.

The individual villages range from as few as 100 homes up to 1,550 homes in the Village of Duval.

Each village is either clustered around one of 50 separate golf courses or in close proximity.

38 of these courses are 9 hole executive layouts, and 12 of them are country club championship courses. 

Of these championship courses, 10 are 27 holes and 2 are 18 holes.  Many of the golf courses have their own country clubs.

One of the benefits of living in The Villages is that you can play golf "free" for the rest of your life on the 9 hole courses.

Your golf membership is included in the general fees that a homeowner pays in local taxes to a Community Development District.  Greens fees are only charged on the 18 hole courses.

Community Development Districts are not uncommon in Florida; there are more than 200 of them.

They are quasi-governmental units that give the developer the right to finance his development with bonds and pass on the cost of infrastructure to the eventual residents of the district.

The median home price for listings in the Villages in 2021 was $364,200 according to, well above the national average.

On the other hand, the cost of living in The Villages was only 103.4 against a national average of 100 and an average of 102.8 for the State of Florida.


Most people who live in The Villages have a golf cart. Many married couples have two of them. 

CBS's "Sunday Morning" television show in May 2011 said there are 50,000 carts.  In 2022 it was estimated there are between 70,000 and 80,000.

Some of them are very cute, fixed up to look like miniature Rolls Royces, Jeeps, fire engines, boats or whatever strikes the owner's fancy.

The Villages has more than 90 miles of golf cart paths; golf carts are the preferred means of transportation for many residents, even those who don't play golf. 

Golf carts are used to go to the town squares, grocery stores, restaurants, and just about anywhere else you'd like.

The Villages Florida Golf CartsThe Villages Florida, Lake Sumter Landing

Grocery stores, restaurants, health spas, and most other businesses can be reached by using a golf cart.  

If you're a visitor, you can even rent one at several different locations.

You can also rent bicycles - even electric ones - and get some exercise while cruising The Villages.


There are three town squares in The Villages: 

  • Spanish Springs Town Square
  • Brownwood Paddock Square
  • Lake Sumter Landing Market Square

Each town square has a band shell and free concerts.  Each square also has its own movie theaters.  These squares are the hubs of community evening activity.

Thousands of golf carts line up while their occupants enjoy the music and fellowship and head home when it's done.

There is also a performing arts theater in The Villages, the Savannah Center, that has 850 seats and features dozens of events during the year.

The Villages Florida Public RestroomsThe Villages Florida, Public Restrooms


According to The Villages, as of April 2021, residents enjoy more than three thousand clubs that cover just about any hobby or interest a person could have. The clubs are managed by residents.

They also have sports teams and leagues and all kinds of other activities that are free to the residents.  The Villages also has dozens of recreation centers.

There are many clubs and educational programs in The Villages it almost feels like a college town.

Learn about these clubs here:  



Florida back roads travel is fun if you start your trip from The Villages Florida. If you start elsewhere, you won't find many back roads remaining in this booming community.

I try to avoid The Villages when doing my traveling in Central Florida because there is too much traffic on US-27/441 if you are just passing through.

On the other hand, it's a great destination for fun, dining, and shopping even if you don't live there.  The traffic inside The Villages itself is moderate and well controlled.

There are numerous traffic circles on the main interior roads and fewer cars than you'd expect. 

Well controlled planning and zoning has put most commercial enterprises either on the main highways bordering The Villages or in the town squares.

Most Villagers are getting around instead on their  golf carts using separate paved paths well separated from the automobile traffic.


Speaking of fun, there have been rumors that The Villages Florida has the highest rate of STD (sexually transmitted diseases)in the United States of America.

Stories abound about promiscuity, wild times, key clubs, and all kinds of rampant sexual behavior.  

My friends who live in the community tell me this rumor is nothing more than an urban myth. I have not researched this either in person or on line.


Since the demographic of The Villages is older adults, it has become a great place for residents and other locals to find good health care.

Doctors from all over Florida and elsewhere have located in The Villages area in the past decade, attracted by the tremendous population growth of The Villages retirement community.

The Villages Hospital is affiliated with the University of Florida's UF health system and is reported to be very good.


Some of the local Floridians who lived in Sumter, Lake and Marion counties before The Villages was developed have a real love-hate relationship with the community.

They love the jobs and money that it brings into their lives, but they feel slighted and discriminated against by the residents of The Villages.

There are some Florida Crackers who insist that most of the residents of The Villages would like the entire place to be a gated community to keep "outsiders" like them from coming in.

For what it's worth, during my more than 60 years in Florida I have observed that people who already live here resent it when other people move in. 

It seems to be true whether they are Florida natives or recent transplants from the north.  Many Villagers, in fact, are upset that the community is growing so fast.  

Many people want to slam the door shut after they've moved to Florida, and I totally understand the sentiment but also realize it's impossible.

There are several hotels and some bed and breakfast inns in The Villages and in the nearby Florida towns of Lady Lake, Leesburg, Ocala and Wildwood.

A bit further away, but within an easy drive are Mount Dora, Gainesville and several other towns with plenty of lodging. 

The map below is from The Villages Florida website.  If you click on it you can zoom in and look at the individual villages and other features.

This link takes you to one of our web pages that has dozens of suggestions for entertaining and relaxing day trips from your base at The Villages.



Play a round of golf at one of the many golf courses in The Villages, including the Palmer Legends Country Club at 1635 Palmer Way. The courses offer challenging play, beautiful scenery, and top-notch amenities.

Visit the Sharon L. Morse Performing Arts Center, located at 1051 Main St. The center hosts a variety of concerts, plays, and other performances throughout the year, featuring nationally renowned artists and performers.

Take a stroll through the Spanish Springs Town Square, located at 1120 Main St. The square features a variety of shops, restaurants, and entertainment options, as well as live music and dancing every evening.

Explore the beautiful Lake Sumter Landing Market Square, located at 1000 Lake Sumter Landing. The square features a variety of shops, restaurants, and entertainment options, as well as a beautiful lakeside view.

Attend a movie at the Old Mill Playhouse, located at 1000 Old Mill Run. The theater features a variety of films, including independent and foreign films, as well as classic movies.

Visit the Tierra del Sol Recreation Center, located at 806 San Marino Dr. The center offers a variety of activities, including swimming, tennis, and pickleball, as well as a fitness center and walking trails.

Check out the Villages Polo Club, located at 703 N Buena Vista Blvd. The club features exciting polo matches, as well as clinics and lessons for those interested in learning the sport.

Take a class at the Lifelong Learning College, located at 1650 Paradise Dr. The college offers a variety of classes and workshops on a range of topics, including history, science, and the arts.

Attend a cultural event at the Savannah Center, located at 1575 Buena Vista Blvd. The center hosts a variety of concerts, dances, and other cultural events throughout the year, featuring performers from around the world.

Explore the beautiful Silver Springs State Park, located at 1425 NE 58th Ave in nearby Ocala. The park features stunning natural beauty, with crystal-clear springs, lush vegetation, and a variety of wildlife to observe.


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